Eating Disorders definition Doesn’t Define You

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Birthday Blessings

As for my birthday I had a great birthday! It is always a blessing to make it till another year. I’m also very thankful for the well wishes. I hope this year is great. As I will be working on making my dreams come true. I hope you guys can tell by my writing how passionate I’m, and how I truly want to help you with my writing. I loved to write. For instance since a very young age I begin to write my life. I’ve always known for a while I wanted to be a writer. Now it’s time to make my dreams a reality. Remember your dreams world fitters. Make them a reality.

Be Realistic Love Your Body

In reality how truthful are our body image? Many of us bigger women get criticize about our bodies. We can easily over judge our bodies by feeding our self those negative comments. We’ve made the oppressors voices so loud that we can’t even hear our own voice.

In order to successfully keep the weight off. You have to silence the voices. No voice is more important then yours. Sometimes when you constantly listen to the voices of other people. Their opinions about your body becomes your opinion. You no longer have a realistic body image. This could sometimes lead to an eating disorder.

Eating Disorders Eating Your Self Esteem?

“Eating disorders are mental disorders defined by abnormal eating habits that negatively affect a person’s physical or mental health.” Growing up I had my problems with food. Needless to say this dysfunctional relationship with food had it’s negative consequences. For instance at that phase of my life myself esteem was at it’s lowest. There wasn’t any self love, or self worth. I didn’t value myself. Which led to a lot of bad relationships. Similarly eating disorders causes their sufferers to lose a lot of themselves. Not just their body.

Currently there are 3 types are eating disorders. The three different types of eating disorders are 1. Anorexia Nervosa, 2. Bulimia Nervosa, and 3. Binge -Eating Disorder. How can you tell if you have an eating disorder and not just a poor diet? Are there any symptoms to look for? What are some eating disorders facts?

There are many ways to determine whether you have an eating disorder. One such way is recognizing the symptoms of the disease. To see if eating disorders are indeed present with in the person. Β Review the different symptoms Β of the disorder. Some of the symptoms include not eating enough food as a result your weight is too low. Another symptom includes eating an extremely large amount of food. Then vomiting all the contents out. Additionally a common symptom is that your self worth is closely tied to how much you weight. A person who has an eating disorder have a lot of shame and guilt. Which causes a lot of stress.

Growing up I was self conscious. Subsequently that led me to being very stressed out. I thought I was very ugly. The only thing I felt that was okay about me was my body. So I tried to keep my body small because I thought that was beautiful. I had a pretty good control over my body size. I knew just how much to eat. As a result of that I got a lot of praises for the way my body looked.

Stop Eating Disorders With Self Love

Through out my life I looked for ways to get praises because I didn’t love myself. The lack of praise when I gain weight cause me to get depress. This has got to stop. We all need to love and accept our bodies. After all we only have one body to love. Eating disorders are becoming an epidemic. To much fat shaming and judgement going around. Too much negativity.

I have to stop my negativity! We all need to stop our negativity! Sorry this article is so long. I just haveΒ a lot to say about this topic. As you can tell it is very personal. As a matter of fact I’m going to have to finish this topic on eating disorders on another blog. Look out for that! I hope you’ve find this article helpful. If you need any kind of support please leave me a comment below. Thank you for reading. See you next Friday! Love you all! Bye! Bye!

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4 thoughts on “Eating Disorders definition Doesn’t Define You”

  1. Hey there.

    Great article on a serious subject which needs to be spoken about. There were a few girls and boy who I grew up with that had anorexia and bulimia.
    The boy happened to get extremely sick (he was severely anorexic) and ended up in hospital. He nearly died! It was so distressing to see him wasting away. It was so painful for his parents to see too!

    Thanks for covering this topic!

    1. Hello Hannah!
      Thank you, I’m glad you liked my article. Yes I agree eating disorders does need to be addressed. So many people keep their eating disorders as a secret and lock it away with a key. Please if you have an eating disorder don’t keep it bottled in speak to someone.

      Oh I’m sorry to hear about your friend!I’m sure you watching him hurt himself most of been very difficult. Anorexia is a horrible disorder one that can end your life if you’re not careful. I’m glad he got to the hospital on time and he didn’t die! Yes I’m sure it must be harder on his family and hope they are able to cope. I sincerely hope he is okay now!

      Your welcome Hannah thanks for joining me.


  2. I did not know that there were three type of eating disorder, But what I do know is that some people suffers from this. I have heard of stories where persons would actually stave themselves because they thought that they were fat even when all they were skin and bones, this is a mentally condition that is effecting so many people. Thans for sharing this information that will be a great help to so many people.

  3. Hi Norman! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Ya there actually are three types of eating disorders. For a long time I myself had Anorexia Nervosa. I just would not eat at times. Which is why I decided to write this article to help others going through the same thing. Yes Norman many people are continually suffering from this deadly mental illness. Speaking from experience it is not something you just easily stop. Some truly unlucky Lovelies are unable to beat the disorder and end up losing their perfectly imperfect life. I truly madly deeply hope that my blog post is able to bring awareness and help those that are still suffering. You’re welcome ya I truly madly deeply hope I have help someone through my Franchy words. At the very least I hope to empathize and let you know you are never alone. Somewhere a Sweet Lovely is going though the exact same thing. Have a great day Norman and stay safe.

    Yours truly.

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