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Hello world fitters! Franchy here! I know it is that time! It’s Friday! Time for my weekly post! Here it is as promise! I want to continue bringing you valuable post. Base on my personal experiences. Every Friday there after. I want you guys to know there is a real person behind these well thought out posts. These well put together words are mine. My thoughts and feelings are genuine. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me. It really means a lot to me. Taking your time getting to know me. The many bits and pieces that makes me who I’m. I suspect that many of you know how grateful I’m. Thank you!

As many of you may suspect. I do other work online jobs. For example, I work for other survey sites. Giving them my valuable opinions. In addition I freelance on other writing sites. Similarly I’m sure you guys have a lot going on in your life as well. Children, husband, cleaning, and working in multiple jobs. Life can be hard! The last thing on your mind is what that scale will say? In our busy life maintaining our weight is often last on the list.

Winter places weight loss further down in our list. As winter creeps by our battle with our weight begins. I already feel my lazy side creeping to the surface. I know winter is the time I struggle with my weight the most. Knowing and Identifying your wright problems is key. What you need to do is. Identify ways to handle your weight problems.

Another suggestion to add to your to do list is recording your weight loss. I’ve found having this web-site as a good therapy solution. Here I can record my daily struggles and get feed back. World fitters you can do it too. Create a web-site and get the support you need. Who knows you just might help someone who is going through the same thing. Well go on start your web-site! What’s stopping you?

Fear is often the culprit. I was reading an article yesterday. Check out the article here! When it struck me. Hey this article is about me! My fears have been holding me back for years. The fear of failing is a constant companion. But it shouldn’t be. World fitters here is my message to you.
To my world fitters letting their fears get in the way of their dreams.
Make your dreams a reality!
Fail to fail!
Fail at failing!

Yes indeed! The fear of failure is very common. I know many of my readers are afraid to start their weight loss journey. I know a second common fear is loose skin. Loose skin can be very unattractive. Which can deter the most determine person. I wont lie to you loose skin is a possibility. You just have to think of your priorities. Isn’t your priority living a more healthier life style? If not it should be! Besides the loose skin can always be removed and toned down. Fear not there is a cure for loose skin.

Another common fear is that the weight wont stay off. Well that is definitely something to consider. However whether the weight stay off depends on you. You have to maintain your weight. Always be consistent. If your not consistent! The weight will slowly return. World fitters don’t let your fears stand in your way. Make all your dreams come true! Fear not world fitters! I shall return! Have a fantastic weekend. Bye! Bye!

PS: Below is a poem about fear I wanted to share. It’s from my blog franslife82online.blogspot.com. I hope you enjoy it!

My poem from me to you

Tell me your biggest fears.
The fear that is bury deep in your soul.
The fear that hides in the darkest corners of your body.
Slowly devouring the beautiful and capable person that I know also live there.
Like an ulcer devouring flesh and bones.
Fear have silence your hopes and dreams.
It has taking some blue off your eyes.
I look at your ocean blue eyes as it darts away from mine.
I slowly touch your red lips to try to stop them from trembling.
I reach down trying to grab your hands but you turn away.
I reach for your hands again. I pull you back towards me.
I place my lips next to your ear.
I whisper for such a beautiful girl with eyes as blue as the sky, sky’s the limit.
Why don’t you spread your wings my angel?
Fly fly away leave all worries and fears behind for only then shall you be free

6 thoughts on “Fear Not World Fitters”

  1. great site. I weighed 252 pounds in 2012 now its almost 2016 and i weigh 158 pounds. I have also went trough a journey of holistic health and exercise.

    My life is better in so many ways now that i’m no longer obese. its a problem that most face in today’s society.

    keep on spreading the good message. thanks.

    1. Hello Darren!

      Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked my site! Oh and congratulations on your weight loss. Not everybody can lose the weight and keep it off. It’s good you took the journey that you took. You’re now able to be at a much better place in your life.

      Life will take you on a ride it’s up to you if it is a good ride or bad ride. Yes obesity is a big problem in our generation. That’s why I created this site so I could help. Yes I will absolutely continuing spreading the message.

      Your welcome Darren!

      And thank you,

    1. Hello Brad! Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. Yes I’m trying to create a healthier and more body loving world. This website is where you can go to get support. Thanks for your support!

  2. Thats a unique way to encourage people to lose weight. For myself, I never had a problem with weight as I’m slightly underweight. I have high metabolism & therefore the things which I ate exit my system within minutes.

    Loving your body is key to having a healthy/happy life of course. I have discovered some supplements which actually uses ancient china herbs. Have you heard of Lingzhi?

    1. Hello Lee Zhi Wei! Your so lucky that you have a high metabolism. It’s difficult for you to put on weight. You’re just like my brother Sam. He eats a lot but can’t put on weight. I’ve always admired that and wish I could eat whatever I wanted. Although I can’t eat whatever I want I still love my body.

      Indeed loving your body is mandatory!

      No I’ve never heard of Lingzhi. What is it exactly?

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