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Winter Weight Gain No More!

Central park

Hola world fitters! I just left my apartment to be surprised by the cooler weather. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised it is fall. Goodbye summer dresses, short crop shorts, and last but not least goodbye beautiful hot weather. The cooler weather that fall brings is welcome by many people. Fall is okay with me. The only issue I have is that. When fall comes it will be soon be followed by winter. Nothing depresses me more then winter. Which coming from a New Yorker doesn’t really make any sense.

fall blog 4

Fall blog

New York as you know gets pretty cold winters. Don’t get me wrong there are certain perks of the winter season. For instance snow looks pretty nice falling from the skies and pre tramping escapades. There is something therapeutic about being with your family around the fire place. While drinking some hot chocolate and exchanging funny memories. Yup that would be a beautiful post card to send to your family members. During the holiday seasons. However there are some unwanted side effects of winter. Such as weight gaining.

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Many of us (myself included) uses the holidays as a good excuse to gain weight. For example, ” I just couldn’t resist the tasty turkey.” or “These sprinkle holiday cookies are calling my name.” Okay I get it. You want to enjoy your food for the holidays. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s not good to restrict yourself too much. Because eventually you will give in to temptation. The key is to do everything in moderation. If you find yourself over eating. Do some exercise to help balance everything out. For instance after a big thanksgiving meal go on a nice walk around your neighborhood. Checkout which house have their houses decorated with Christmas lights early. During December I love walking around my neighborhood. To see which house is decorated the most. Some houses were so beautiful. I would ooohhh and aaahhh to my hearts content. Looking at Christmas lights makes me feel festive and ready for Christmas.

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You must be thinking Francesca we are only in October. Why are we talking about Christmas already? You should be talking about best fall foliage in New York, or different leaf shapes identification. You are absolutely correct world fitters. I’m sorry for getting ahead of myself. I just want you guys to be prepared for the winter. I know how difficult it is to keep your weight down for the winter season. Many of us put back on the weight we loss in the summer. Below I have included different ways to avoid gaining weight this winter.

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5 Franchie-Licious Winter Beauty Tips:

1. Exercise- My first tip is continue to exercise on a regular basis. I know it is easy to turn on the TV, and watch an exercise show instead. Unfortunately watching an exercise flick wont help you lose weight. If it did I would be really in shape by the summer laugh-out-loud. Who knows maybe with technology we will be able to lose weight with the TV. Until then you must exercise to get the body that you want.

2. Never party on an empty stomach- Make sure you go to the party with food already in your stomach. So that you wont over eat unhealthy food. Foods like water and salad are good to have before you go to the party. That way your eat less and preserve your body.

3. Sober up to your weight loss- Try to limit the amount of alcohol that you intake. While alcohol may make you feel good. It also causes you to put on extra weight as well. Which you wont particularly feel good about. I know you want to get loose. You will get loose after you avoid a couple glass of wine. You will be one step closer to the body that you want.

4. Practice for your perfect body- “Practice makes perfect.” I don’t expect you to be perfect. You will slip up now and again. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Temptation will win sometimes. The key is to make up for your bad habits. For example, putting in extra hours at the gym for one week. Similarly you can eat clean for a week or two. Don’t just say you fail and go back to your bad habits. Once you stop it’s harder to go back. Don’t quit! Keep going! I’m rooting for you world fitters.

5. Fun times are here- It’s a party! Have fun! Sometimes we go to the party and don’t see anyone we are particularly friends with. So we head to our old friend the food table. Who is on the side waving you over. That’s why food addiction is such a problem. It is always there to comfort you when you need it. Tonight is time to party! No comfort food! Go ahead and meet new people and have fun! Maybe you will meet a new friend that can comfort you.

World fitters I hope my blog is a good source of comfort for you. I want to be here at your time of need. If you have no friends that is not the case anymore. At loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com you are part of a community. We all are friends here. If you ever need to talk you can email me directly. My email is on my privacy policy page. I will reply promptly. Thank you to everyone that have been supporting my blog. I hope you continue to visit and watch this web-site grow. Thank you everyone for reading. Have a wonderful weekend!

Quick Poll:
What is your favorite thing about winter?
a) I love the snow.
b) I like the fact crime is lower in winter.
c) Nothing I hate it.
d) Winter is too cold.
e) I love the holiday season.
f) Cuddling with my girlfriend or boyfriend.

My Weekly Shapely:
Hello world fitters! Do you like the little nick name I’ve given you? I hope you do. Well world fitters as you know it is getting chillier and chillier. It’s almost time for me to hibernate. Thus beginning the true test if the weight will stay off. I had made a promise to myself to keep the weight off. I definitely don’t want to go into next summer with extra pounds of fat. To be frank I’m a bit nervous that I will put on more weight. As last summer I lost quite a bit of weight. During the winter time I’ve put back on the weight. Needless to say I was very disappointed with myself. I’ve worked really hard with a friend to lose the weight but only to put it back on.

I’m sure you as well have experienced the same thing. Losing the weight is not the hard part. The hard part is keeping the weight off. Many of us get into the dress for the event that we wanted. When the event have finished. We go back to our old habits and put back on the weight. That’s why I don’t diet. In my opinion diets work only for a short term. If you want long term results. Then you have to change your life style.

In an other article I will talk about different life style changes. You can make to achieve the body you desire. World fitters my Family. I truly hope my blog posts are expiring to you. I hope that you are losing weight and are closer to your goal weight. Additionally if you don’t want to lose weight I hope my blog helps you to love the body your in. Alrighty I’m signing off. If you have a suggestion on a post you want me to write about. Please leave me an email. My email is. If I choose your post I will give you the credit in my next post. Have a good weekend all! Thank you for visiting!