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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 48

Sometimes the bills comes calling it doesn’t mean your sanity and well being have to take a back seat in the car of life.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hiya World Fitters!

So it’s a new month at the beginning of a new chapter in your life. For me, a new month means paying my bills so I can go on creating my perfectly imperfect life. I miss the days when I had no bills to pay. All my money was truly my money. Nowadays it’s not so, you’re basically working to pay off debt and mountains of bills. It’s this realization that changes our perception and makes us feel we don’t have to have our dream jobs we just need to pay our bills.

Sometimes the bills comes calling it doesn’t mean your sanity and well being have to take a back seat in the car of life. Bills like taxes are a reality of life. They need to be paid and handled with care. Nonetheless don’t forget yourself in all of this. Always try to take sometime for yourself to have some enjoyment. For instance, after I went to the bank within the mall I stop by Starbucks to get a hot chocolate that I paid for with a gift card from one of my online jobs. It was nice to drink one of my fav drinks. I allowed myself a reward for all the hard work I have been doing. We each need to reward ourselves World Fitters from time to time. It doesn’t need to be expensive and extravagant just have to make you feel special and good that you got your reward. World Fitters you reward me each time you pay me a visit to listen to my Franchy thoughts. Sometimes you just need someone to really listen to you. Thank you for joining me here this beautiful morning in New York. I want to wish you all a frantastic day or night in the world.


Their Untimely Death Our Beginning Part 2 B

Good Morning World Fitters!

I’ve been spreading my business on social media, mainly Facebook. I’ve seen so many posts about losing weight, as if it was the best thing that they ever did with their life. Don’t get me wrong losing  weight is a great thing, however it is not everything. As I said if you want to lose weight that is fine but if you want to stay at your perfectly imperfect weight that’s fine too.

This obsession with weight loss is creating an equal obsession with overeating. Beautiful people like Dominique Lanoise are losing there life because of it. Dominique Lanoise took her last breath on March 10,  2012. When I learned of Dominiques death I was so sad. I had hope she would get her life back together and walk again. I’m also sadden because I think of the pain her six children are feeling, it’s a bad situation for everyone.

I definitely was surprised she died even though she got the surgery done. I believed that Dominique Lanoise thought the surgery was a kind of magic pill that would take all her problems away. She thought she wouldn’t have to put any effort to her own health. Nothing in life is ever that easy you have to fight for what you want. Unfortunately Domonique didn’t get that part.

My hard work!


Dominique Lanoise died on March 10 at her own hands. What I mean is that she died because of her own decision to leave the hospital. I thought it was very strange that she called 911 while she was still in the hospital. When she got home she got sick due to complications from the surgery, if she stayed in the hospital she may still be alive today.

I think to myself if Dominique Lanoise was still alive today would she have successfully lost all the weight and be able to walk? It’ s difficult to answer that question. It all depends on whether she resolve the problems that caused her to overeat in the first place. If Dominique Lanoise resolved her food issues I definitely think she could’ve created her perfectly imperfect body. I think the surgery just take care of the physical problems , the mental problems still exist and can still hinder a person’s sucess at losing the weight. I think that is what happened to Dominique her mind prevented her from succeeding.

World Fitters don’t let anything or anyone keep you from succeeding. Dominique Lanoise had food brought to her, her daughter help her to exercise, furthermore she had her own personal physician that made house calls, however she still failed at creating her perfectly imperfect body. It’s your body your life no matter what people say they never know what you are going through. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Love you all, enjoy the rest of your day, bye.

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