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Franchys Perfectly Imperfect Distractions

Hello World Fitters!

It’s been a while since I last posted here. The reason I was unable to post my latest frantastic articles were because my computer stop working and I had to take it to the shop.  I had not only slow down on my postings I have also slow down on my workouts. The main reason that I slowed down on my workouts is because I have become an overnight mom and have given birth to a 4 year old name Jhuna. World Fitters I’m just kidding lol she is my boyfriend’s child who I take care of when he is at work. Needless to say she is a welcome distraction I love her so much.

There are many things that can distract us from creating our perfectly imperfect bodies. I want to write a short series to discuss everything that can distract you from creating your perfectly imperfect body. I have worked hard to get where I’m now and I don’t want to stop creating my perfectly imperfect body.



We all are perfectly imperfect and I want to continue to be a place where you can come and be yourself. I hope my upcoming  articles help you stop procrastinating and create your perfectly imperfect body.  Sorry guys I know this blog post is short and sweet it’s  purpose is only to introduce you to a new series. Comment below  and let me know what you think. Have a lovely day World Fitters, bye.



Their Untimely Death Our Beginning Part 3 B

Buenos Dias World Fitters!

No addiction is ever easy or worth your life. The feeling of not being able to live without a certain guilty pleasure can be earth shattering. You end up feeling weak and stupid that you cannot control yourself. From my description you are maybe thinking that I’m talking about a illegal drug like heroin and crack but I’m not. I’m talking about food addiction which took the life of Manuel Uribe.


On May 26, 2014 at the age of 48 Manuel Uribe lost his battle with creating his perfectly imperfect body. After many years of being obese his body finally gave into many years of over indulgence. In my opinion a food addiction is the hardest to break free from. Meaning if someone have a drug problem you just tell them to stop using the drug. Contrastingly when someone have a food addiction you can’t tell them to stop eating. We all need food to survive, the problem comes in when we are using the food for more than satisfying our hunger. In today’s article we will take a closer look at Manuel Uribe last moments and try to understand why his life was cut short.

After many unsuccessful attempts at weight loss Manuel finally find one that was able to work for him. The diet that was his ultimate savior was the Zone Diet which was created by Barry Sears. What exactly is the Zone Diet? “The Zone Diet is a fad diet in the low-carbohydrate diet school that was created by Barry Sears, a biochemist” (Thank you wikipedia). With the Zone Diet you eat three meals and two snacks that have proteins and carbohydrates. It have been said with the diet he lost approximately 230 kg (510 lb) which I think is very impressive.

With the weight loss came love. Manuel Uribe was able to show the world that anybody can find love. On October 26, 2008 Manuel married his second wife after four years of dating. Unfortunately at the time of his marriage he was unable to lose enough weight so that he could walk down the aisle.

A little more about his ex wife, her name was Claudia Solis she was a hair stylist by trade. When I found out that Manuel Uribe got married truthfully I was concern about Claudia’s intentions. I don’t truly believe she ever loved him, she just loved being in the media.  I think Manuel knew that but with his size being what it was he accepted what he could get.


Toward the end of his life he was nursing a broken heart after his second marriage ended so quickly. I can imagine how you  no longer want to take care of yourself after your significant other have abandon you, life would be depressing and lonely again. Many people were sad but not surprised that he died of liver failure on 2014. I really hope Manuel Uribe finded some peace in his life. Additionally I hope that his family is getting on well without him. It doesn’t matter if the death was a surprise or not all loss of life are equally sad.  Thank you guys for joining me here at my little internet space it really means alot to me. I’m looking forward to my next frantastic  post, stay tune!


Love You

Their Untimely Death Our Beginning Part 3 A

Hola World Fitters.

Today I’ve decided to deviate from my normal posts, man also want to create their perfectly imperfect bodies. Up to now I have mostly talked about women struggles with their weight. Yes it is true that men are inherently bigger than their more feminine counterparts. However there is just as much pressure if not more for them to adhere to societal body image. From the chiseled chest to the broad shoulders and don’t forget about strong arms and legs.  Many women dream of their man looking exactly like that.

Unfortunately Manuel Uribe  looks nothing like that, as a matter of fact he was the opposite of the ideal body image. Nonetheless his image and body appearance was the least of his worries. Meaning his health was the top priority.  He was once known as “the world’s heaviest man,” however few people knew the full extent that his obesity made him  suffer. is going to tell his story. I’m going to be honest I don’t know the full story either. My article was written from normal research I did online. If you personally knew Manuel Uribe feel free to comment below anything that you wanted to add to his story.

Manuel Uribe story begun on June 11, 1965 in Monterrey Mexico. His first years on this earth was pretty normal, he ate the same kind of foods many Mexicans indulge in such as  rice and beans, tacos, tamales, enchiladas, pozole.  I  can definitely relate for majority of my youth I was thin, it wasn’t until my late twenties that my weight begin piling on.  A major change in your life like that is never easy adjusting too. For Manuel it was many changes that he had to adjust to when he came to the United States that trully contributed to his weight gain.

Many people come to the United States for a better life (me included). The United States is less commonly known for making people gain a lot of weight. I’m in New York where many people take public transportation, contrastingly many people in Amsterdam like to ride their bikes to get where they need to go. For Manuel Uribe Dallas Texas sedentary environment enabled him to add on the pounds. His job as a computer repairmen  didn’t help either as he was most of the time sitting. According Manuel Uribe his life in America didn’t leave much room to exercise.

Beautiful Dallas Texas <3

In my opinion the chance to exercise isn’t always going to come up. With our busy lifestyles making plans to exercise seems like near to impossible at times. We have to make the commitment to create our perfectly imperfect bodies. I mean there are a lot of different parts of  Manuel Uribe life that enable his impending weight gain. Unfortunately I cannot talk about all of them on one post. In the next post I will talk more about Manuels life so that we can understand obesity more. I always encourage people to seek to understand rather than judge. See you next time, make your day as beautiful as you are, bye.


Their Untimely Death Our Beginning Part 2 B

Good Morning World Fitters!

I’ve been spreading my business on social media, mainly Facebook. I’ve seen so many posts about losing weight, as if it was the best thing that they ever did with their life. Don’t get me wrong losing  weight is a great thing, however it is not everything. As I said if you want to lose weight that is fine but if you want to stay at your perfectly imperfect weight that’s fine too.

This obsession with weight loss is creating an equal obsession with overeating. Beautiful people like Dominique Lanoise are losing there life because of it. Dominique Lanoise took her last breath on March 10,  2012. When I learned of Dominiques death I was so sad. I had hope she would get her life back together and walk again. I’m also sadden because I think of the pain her six children are feeling, it’s a bad situation for everyone.

I definitely was surprised she died even though she got the surgery done. I believed that Dominique Lanoise thought the surgery was a kind of magic pill that would take all her problems away. She thought she wouldn’t have to put any effort to her own health. Nothing in life is ever that easy you have to fight for what you want. Unfortunately Domonique didn’t get that part.

My hard work!


Dominique Lanoise died on March 10 at her own hands. What I mean is that she died because of her own decision to leave the hospital. I thought it was very strange that she called 911 while she was still in the hospital. When she got home she got sick due to complications from the surgery, if she stayed in the hospital she may still be alive today.

I think to myself if Dominique Lanoise was still alive today would she have successfully lost all the weight and be able to walk? It’ s difficult to answer that question. It all depends on whether she resolve the problems that caused her to overeat in the first place. If Dominique Lanoise resolved her food issues I definitely think she could’ve created her perfectly imperfect body. I think the surgery just take care of the physical problems , the mental problems still exist and can still hinder a person’s sucess at losing the weight. I think that is what happened to Dominique her mind prevented her from succeeding.

World Fitters don’t let anything or anyone keep you from succeeding. Dominique Lanoise had food brought to her, her daughter help her to exercise, furthermore she had her own personal physician that made house calls, however she still failed at creating her perfectly imperfect body. It’s your body your life no matter what people say they never know what you are going through. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Love you all, enjoy the rest of your day, bye.

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Their Untimely Death Our Beginning Part 2 A

Bonjour (Good Morning) World Fitters!

For so long I’ve been trying to lose weight and keep it off. In my younger days losing weight was not a problem, I stayed at 130 pounds for a while with no problem. However when I got in my late 20’s I put on weight that was difficult to come off later. When Dominique Lanoise said that no one chooses to be obese it speaks of her desperate need to lose weight and her compulsion that prevents her from creating her perfectly imperfect body.

Me last summer enjoying the beautiful weather <3

Dominique Lanoise was born on May 18, 1970 in Haiti, it was our shared country of birth that personally connected us. I immediately could relate to her and I supported her fight to get her weight under control. I wanted her to win and get her life back to where she wanted it nevertheless she lost her battle with her perfectly imperfect body.

Dominique on her wedding day <3

According to Dominique her body begin changing after her first child was born, she just put on so much weight. It is understandable to put on a couple of extra pounds after giving birth. Nonetheless most women lose the weight after giving birth with diet and exercise. One major contributing factor to Dominique Lanoise weight gain was the area  she called home Miami, Florida. Meaning she would get people in her neighborhood to give her food. I don’t understand why those people would bring her bad food  when they know how devastating it could be to her. That’s why I always say your weight is no one’s business, and you have to love yourself first.

Dominique’s youngest daughter <3

Unfortunately Domonique loved her food too much that her health came second. In the infamous show called my 600 pound life Dominique Lanoise declared she can eat two to three double cheese burgers for one day everyday that’s approximately over 4,000 calories a day.  I can sort of understand her plight, Haiti is a poor country which don’t have a lot of food but America have an abundance of food which you can eat at your own risk. Self control is not something we all can practice. For instance today I came from my exercise at the park and it took a lot of self control not to eat all the cookies however not all of us can do that.

Yummy Haitian spaghetti <3

I don’t understand why some people ask wow how you let yourself get so big, like you choose to be obese? When I started putting on the weight it crept up on me because I didn’t weigh myself. People’s rude comments didn’t make the situation better I was left confuse and shock at my own weight gain. Even though I’m not as big as Dominique Lanoise was i can still relate, we all understand sometimes how one bite isn’t enough nor is two or three.

I want to leave you with the thought you never know someone’s inner struggles don’t just judge without knowing the full story. Next post I will continue with the full story of Dominique Lanoise sorry I just couldn’t put it all in this one article. I want you all to enjoy the rest of your week don’t let a weigh in destroy your whole week you are still beautiful no matter what the scale says.  Bye my lovelies.

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Their Untimely Death Our Beginning Part 1

Hola (hello) World Fitters!

I see that out of all my websites a large amount of my traffic seem to gravitate to this website. I believe the reason for this website’s popularity is that this website really comes from straight from my heart. I created this website because I was body shamed and I felt that was wrong and I wanted to support other people who are going through the same thing.

One such women that was struggling with her weight was Sharon Mevsimler a native of Great Britain. For most of her youth Sharon  was of normal weight, nevertheless by the time she got married her weight started to pile on her 5’2 body. As some of you may know a short frame body does not carry extra weight well. Who was Sharon Mevsimler and what caused her unprecedented weight issues?

Sharon Mevsimler was born on 1969 in England, from the start she witness her own mothers battle with her own weight. During her childhood Sharon’s mother Anne would put her on a diet so that she would not suffer the same weight issue as she did. For the most part it worked Sharon remained thin throughout her teen years.

A mother’s love transcend even death <3

Unfortunately after a beautiful marriage to her husband Bulent, Sharon Mevsimler begin putting on weight after giving birth to her children. While most mothers would shed the pounds after giving birth Sharon kept on the pounds and added additional weight to her short frame. Her short frame was put under its maximum string when in 2003 she could no longer fit into her scooter. Surgery seemed like it was the best solution to get Sharon’s life back on track. When “she was told the NHS had agreed to the gastric bypass” she was ecstatic and her hope of a normal life was restored.

This was Sharon in her younger days <3

Gastric Bypass My Safe Haven

By the grace of God Sharon Mevsimler surgery went well without any complications. She was able to go home after 4 days. Sharon went from 42 stone to 23 1/2 stone that is approximately half her weight. While the surgery was able to help Sharon shed the extra weight that made her so miserable however it didn’t stop the war that was going on in her head. I believe if Sharon was able to go to therapy after the surgery she may still be alive today. Sadly Sharon Mevsimler lost her life on 2010 at the age of 41. She left behind 4 children (Jayden, Paige, Emrah, Tyler), husband Bulent, and her mother Anne who loved her so much. Sharon story is a cautionary tale which tell us that there is no such thing as a quick fix. I truly believe that the wrong problem was fix.

That was her son Emrah <3


World Fitters so many of us see our weight as the problem and we try to fix that with diet and exercise. So many of us forget that our weight begins in our mind. For instance When I was being put down for my weight gain by so many people, I didn’t realize frankly I don’t  care about what they think about my body it is none of their business. The truth of the matter is it was all me. I hated myself I thought I was fat and ugly which  was exactly what I became. World Fitters the best weightloss program is to love yourself and the weight will come naturally off. Unfortunately for Sharon Mevsimler she didn’t love her perfectly imperfect self and now she is gone forever. Love yourself World Fitters have a great day!

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