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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 15

Sometimes waiting for the new year is no longer an option you have to create the life you want now.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good Morning World Fitters!

Happy New Year Eve, hope your day is going well so far. For those who are already in the new year best wishes for the new year. I’m here going around trying to get things done before the new year. I have great hope for the upcoming year. Mainly I want to grow my business and really make a positive impact on peoples lives. Personally, I would like to meet a great guy this year that will lead to marriage and to me creating my very own family. As I’m getting older the need to have a baby is becoming more imminent. I really want my very own baby to love.

Sometimes waiting for the new year is no longer an option you have to create the life you want now. We all enjoy watching the countdown until the ball drop in New York City. It really gives a visual feel of it being a new year, a new start. I want to start the year by saying to you all thank you for joining me on my self-love journey. I hope with Franchys Daily Dose Of Self-Love you are really getting to know me on a personal level. I’m just a regular person just like you sharing her perfectly imperfect self. If you want to create your own blog take the leap and just do it. We all have a story in a few hours one chapter will be over making room for a new better chapter of your life. Happy new years World Fitters stay blessed.


Franchys 2019 Happy New Year

Hello World Fitters!

It is official 2018 is coming to an end. I want to wish you all a happy new Franchy year. Thank you for joining me on my self-love journey. This blog began in 2015 back then I was just frustrated and tired of being told that thin is better and how I need to lose weight. Now I’m on my second year of my weight loss journey and I love it, for once I’m in love with the women I have become.

I truly hope my blog has had a positive impact on your life. Know that you are love and are perfectly imperfect which is great. We are not all beautiful and thin if God wanted that then he would have made it so. The world is colorful with people of different color with different shapes and sizes that’s beautiful. That’s what makes life interesting we all contribute to the world somehow and we all matter.

World Fitters you matter and are always the reason. I really appreciate that you are still here supporting the dream. I created this blog for all body types a place we can all escape judgment and negativity. In the coming years expect more content dedicated to you all. I love sharing every part of me with you all. I look forward to you sharing yourself with me when you feel comfortable enough. I hope you see loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com as a safe haven “come as you are.” Have a great New Year may 2019 bring nothing but happiness into your life. I love you all World Fitters!


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