2022 Franchys Self Care Love Be Beautiful.

Hi Lovelies good morning, bonjour. How are you all doing this wonderful glorious morning in Tinsel town? I’m doing alright truly madly deeply can’t complain. Today I was having a good inner love conversation with my beautiful Franchy self. As you guys may know for a very long time I truly madly deeply didn’t love myself and all my perfect imperfections. I just felt really unattractive and felt I was really ugly. Which inevitably lead me to not really care for my beauty. I really became what I thought about and truly became unattractive. Lovelies when I say love yourself and all your perfect imperfections I really mean it from the bottom of my Franchy heart. As I saw what really not loving yourself could do.

Lovelies what it could do is take the wonderful blue off your eyes, therefore, closing your beautiful eyes to all the wonderful possibilities. Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel the possibilities are endless if you truly madly deeply believe. Ya Lovelies I believe in second chances so I’m taking care of my beauty now and forevermore. Between my modeling and new relationship, it is becoming imperative to stay looking beautiful. Lovelies take care of your mental health as it can truly havoc on your very own perfectly imperfect self-care. If you don’t love yourself you simply won’t look your best it is truly as simple as that. World Fitters, I do realize depression can be really hard to get over. As sometimes you are not even able to get off the bed. I truly hope by me sharing my struggles you no longer feel alone World Fitters.

Lovelies never feel alone because you are not. There is someone else going through a difficult time who needs some love and understanding. Take care of the way you feel on the inside Sweet Lovelies. As the biggest pain comes from deep within. Look the very best you can possibly each and every day for yourself. Create your very own happily ever after. Don’t dream your life live your dream. Have a great day and stay beautiful.

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