Forgive Someone And Create Your Happily Ever After In Loving Memory Of Victoria Ruvolo.

Hi Lovelies, how are you all doing this beautiful wonderful morning? I’m doing alright just sick from my perfectly imperfect women issues. Thank you for caring enough to ask how I was doing Lovelies ya. Today I wanted to talk about what has always been in my mind while I was growing up in New York. As you guys may know I came to the US at 8 years old. At about 10 years old I was teased mercilessly by kids about my crossed eyes. I was told that I was ugly and from that time on I always felt I was ugly. I would go home crying. Likewise, that insecurity followed me through my Franchy adulthood. Which inevitably lead me to get into a lot of unhealthy relationships. The guys didn’t love me and I didn’t truly feel that I deserve any better how sad is that? I think it is very sad actually. I remember my so-called friend setting me up with a guy that was absolutely horrid and I stayed. I was unhappy and I stayed. I just didn’t truly feel beautiful.

Lovelies I came across a story about an absolutely beautiful woman that made me change my Franchy thinking on what is beautiful? The story took place in Long Island New York at Ronkonkoma. This 40-year-old woman called Victoria Ruvolo was driving home from a family event during the Thanksgiving holidays. When this teenager throws a 20-pound frozen turkey through her windshield. The turkey and broken glasses struck the woman directly on her face. When the police finally realized what happened they did an investigation and found out it was a local teenager that was responsible for the tragic accident. The court was going to give the teenager 25 years for the pain he cost Victoria Ruvolo. But what was truly madly deeply beautiful was that Victoria asked the court to give the youngster the least minimum time which was just 6 months. After all this, she just wanted to move on with her perfectly imperfect life and didn’t see the point in making the kid be locked away for 25 years. That is really beautiful and I was truly madly deeply touched. She is really beautiful. She has a really beautiful soul. She may not be attractive on the outside but on the inside where it truly counts she is gorgeous. Sweet Lovelies be beautiful where it truly counts. We all are beautiful and don’t let the fact that you are not model beautiful depress you. You can make a difference in someone’s perfectly imperfect life and be the change you want to see. Hope this story inspires you as much as it inspired me. Have a wonderful day mmmmmmmm ya.

Forgive someone today in Victorias Ruvolo memory.” March 12, 1960 to March 25, 2019.

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