How To Spring Up Your Weight Loss Forever Now!


Spring is in the air World Fitters. I can practically hear the birds singing and smell the flowers. Well almost! I can happily say that winter is almost over.

Yes! I can’t wait to kiss winter good bye along with last years extra pounds! If your like me when spring hits a signal go off in your mind and say alright sister time to spring down your weight.

What I mean is it’s time to get rid of that last stubborn fat! You know what I’m talking about that last extra pound you can’t seem to get rid off. For instance you can’t seem to get your stomach as flat as you deserve. I know how frustrating that can be working hard and still be unsuccessful. Don’t lose hope work harder that way spring and your weight will be a frantastic experience. Below are My Frantastic Spring Weight Loss Hacks:

My Frantastic Spring Weight Loss Hacks

  1. A long romantic stroll- When it gets warmer you can begin to take your workouts outside. One great workout that I wanted to mention is walking. Walking is a good way to clear your mind. Why not have a spring romance with nature? I think nature is the most beautiful in spring which makes romance more attractive. So fresh and brand new. Makes you feel like you’re starting all over again. A brand new beginning.
  2. Put a price on your food- We all know there is a price to pay for certain foods. For instance if you eat at McDonald’s for a whole week the price to pay is that you will gain a couple of pounds. It only seems natural to put a price on your food right? At least I think so. What I mean is if you don’t eat your cupcakes give yourself some points for not eating the cupcake. Similarly if you eat a salad instead of a donut give yourself some points as well. The points can be redeem for cash.  Which you can buy whatever you want. Call it your weight loss haul!
  3. Spring up your goals- Write down all your hopes and aspirations for the spring. Remember there is no such thing as a dream being too big. Make your dreams a reality. After you finish writing down your goals, cut your goals into small pieces and put them in a medium size jar. Then next to that jar place an other jar this time it’s for money. You see each piece of paper have an amount. Each time you complete the goal you put the money amount in the jar. This reward system will really help you see you weight loss in a whole different perspective. I think it is important you reward yourself for the weight you have loss. After all we spend way too much time putting our self down and not enough time rewarding ourselves.
  4. Your weight loss furry friend-  If your overweight the chances are your furry companion is also fat. The reason for this is that we impose our weight on our pets. As a matter fact we literally feed them our fats. For instance you’re eating your hot dog and your dog is giving you the sweetest puppy eyes. I know you just couldn’t resist those eyes. So off the hot dog went to the floor. My suggestion is control you food intake, than you will be able to control what your pet eats. Similarly help your pet lose weight and get rewarded with your own weight loss. Your furry companion weight goes hand in hand with your weight. For example, your pet needs a walk. So take him or her for a walk and also get some exercise in. For more ways to  help your pets get in shape visit YOUR PETS AND YOU.
  5. Water is your life force- Remember your parents always annoying you by telling you to drink water? I know I remember. Did you know your parents were absolutely right? I know I didn’t think they were right. But it’s true drinking water does not just hydrate you it helps you feel full faster. That’s right eat less with water.  From my experience when I drink water with a meal I became full faster. Therefore I ate less which inevitably cause me to lose weight. Yes it really is that simple. Drink water with each meal to feel fuller faster. You know I try to show you losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. That you too can lose weight it’s not just a fantasy but rather a dream that wants to be fulfilled.

I hope you have enjoyed my spring weight loss hacks World Fitters. Summer is just around the corner I want you to be comfortable in your own skin. Feel sexy wearing the latest trends this summer. Love your body! I don’t want to see anyone of you in prison by the four walls of you bedroom. Thats not living. “Live your life to the fullest.” You never know how much time you have on this earth. Be safe World Fitters have a wonderful weekend!

Love Francesca your friend!

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17 thoughts on “How To Spring Up Your Weight Loss Forever Now!”

  1. Hi World Fitters! I also wanted to mention there are also some fun weight loss apps to help maximize your weight loss!

    The apps I’m referring to are as follow:
    1. Pact
    2. Run keeper
    3. Map My Fitness
    4. Moves
    5. Fitbit
    6. Jawbone UP

    Go ahead give them a try and maximize your weight loss!

  2. Hi Francesca, great post and some great ideas. I think the one that struck me most was the romantic stroll. This is generally something we don’t associate with exercise but if we decided to incorporate a little more romance into our lives then maybe we would shed a load more pounds. Keep up the good work. I’m looking at my decreasing belly as we speak!

  3. I think it is great to have a plan and some set rules when it comes to losing weight.

    The right food, exercise and sleep of course all come into play here.

    I was once told though by a friend that had a lot of weight problems and he manages to shed a lot of it.

    I asked him how he did it, you know asking for the exercise and diet plans, and he told me one important thing.

    He said diets and exercise can go out of the window sometimes especially when you are busy, but he told me weight loss was a way of life.

    It is in everything you do, for example limiting stress being one of them. He also told me he had bottled water in every room of his house as this was one of the most important things to have!

    What are your views on this?



    1. Hello Chris!

      I think your freind is absolutely correct weight loss should be a way of life not a diet. Many diets fail from time to time not because they are too difficult but because people get tired of dieting. Exercising can definitely get tiring as well. For instance I exercise 6 to 7 days a week and I find it a bit challenging as there are times I don’t feel like working out. I find the best way to keep the weight off is by making dieting and exercising part of your daily life.

      Yes Chris having a set plan for dieting is very important for long lasting weight loss. As you mention getting in the right food, exercise, and sleep plays a big roll as well. People see weight loss as just watching what you eat and exercising, it is that and a lot more, it is your life. I personally have made my weight loss my life and have created this web-site to help others. Congratulation to your freind for making weight loss his life. I hope you are experiencing similar successes in your life. Your welcome Chris.

      Best wishes,

  4. Hi Francesca,
    You’re so right with spring nearly upon us, now is the time to get your body in shape. Really love your weight loss hacks, some ideas here that are new to me. Great idea rewarding yourself and your last suggestion of drinking water is so simple. My favorite way of getting in shape is taking exercise and the spring time is really special with the birds singing everything blooming, it’s hard to stay in the house. Thanks

    1. Hello Peter!

      I’m glad you enjoyed my weight loss hacks! I’m also glad you learn something new from my Frantastic hacks. It’s always good to learn new ways to stay in shape. That way weight loss can be fun and not be so boring. From my own experiences if my exercise routine is boring then I’m most likely not able to stick with it.

      Yes simply add water to your diet and lose the weight. Weight loss doesn’t have to be hard. It can be simple as drinking a glass of water. Yes I definitely agree when the weather is so beautiful outside it’s hard to stay in doors.

      Enjoy the rest of your day,

  5. I enjoyed this encouraging post, Fran! For me, sun and warmer weather really energize me and boost my mood – which is helpful when I know I need to get out and exercise. My doggy and I are each carrying a few extra pounds after a long winter, so this is the perfect time to get out and get us both moving. Thanks for the great tips!

    1. Hello Laurie!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this blog post Laurie. I’m glad my tips have encourage you to get out and move.
      Yes definitely warmer weather always boost my mood. I agree a good mood is necessary when you need to do your out door exercises.
      That’s right get out there and move your body to perfection. I’m glad I could help!

      Your welcome,

  6. I like your idea of “charging yourself” for the food you eat. Its been awhile but I used to do weight watchers and it’s a similar idea but with points I think. It will hurt a lot more using cash and be a lot more motivational. Great tips!

    1. Hello Jon!
      Thank you Jon I’m glad you enjoyed my tips! Yes I agree Using cash makes it more real versus points. After-all we all understand the value of a dollar. However if you don’t want to use cash you could always use a different reward system. Do whatever feels comfortable to you!

      Yes definitely charging yourself definitely change the way you view food. It really give eating a cause and effect. For instance eating that Cake you wont be ale to fit into that dress. Thank you Jon! I’m glad my Frantastic tips have inspire you to get the body you deserve!


  7. I like the no.2. I’ve been trying to eat less chicken. Back then, I used to eat like almost every day. For the past few weeks, I manage to cut down to once or twice a week. I felt really good. Now, whenever I ate more than twice I feel bad 😀

    I started to do some exercises to get rid of the freakin stubborn fat but I failed. I lose my motivations easily. I need to do something serious with this one.

    Your no.3 hack is actually quite good. I may consider that when I start all over again. Can you suggest something else other than money?

    As for your last hack, I’m still trying to do that every single day. However, I feel like I’m doing it forcefully. I want to be able to enjoy doing it naturally. Do you have any tips on how I can do that?

    1. Hello Meina!

      I know it is hard to stay motivated, I myself get unmotivated at times. What really motivates me is the fact that I want to be happy. I want to love my body and I’m willing to do what it takes to achieve that. What I suggest to you is find out what motivates you, and keep it near you while you exercise. Whenever you feel unmotivated just look at it and keep going!

      I’m happy that you are succeeding at eating less chicken, if you go a little overboard no need to feel bad though. Nobody is perfect just dust yourself off and start over again. Keep up the good work! 🙂

      I’m happy that you like my no.3 hack. Yes Meina you absolutely could use something else other then cash. For instance you can use special coins that are redeemable for exercise vacations or House chores vacations. You can work it out with your family that I’m sure would be happy to help you. Just anything that you like and would motivate you to workout.

      Yes Meina I understand I too struggle with drinking enough water, It is so much easier to crab a can of soda. Thankfully over-time drinking water have become more a part of my life and less like a chore. My suggestion is become more creative with your water, change your thinking, and make the water yours! For example, add a little of lemon to your water(no sugar). Buy the water that comes with a variety of flavors that also helps, better yet create your own flavor. Hoped that helped.

      Cheers your friend,

  8. Hello Francesca,

    I just recently discovered your blog, and I really like it. It seems that you really want to help people, and I appreciate it!

    My and my girlfriend decided to get leaner and we encourage each other daily. I found this very helpful because I feel that I’m doing this not only for myself but for both of us!

    1. Hello Julius!

      Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked my blog. Yes I really want to help people feel comfortable in the skin that they are born with. Plastic surgery is too often the solution and self love too often the fantasy.

      Great, it’s awesome that you and your girlfriend encourage each other daily. Working out as a team is very useful so that way you don’t feel alone in your journey. Working out together can create a great bond that can last for a life time. I truly hope you and your girlfriend both succeed in whatever you do.

      Best wishes,

  9. Hello and thanks for sharing. Many people are having to deal with weight issues, but I believe that if we do the opposite of what we did to gain weight and stick with it then we will be able to shed those extra pounds. This article that you have written is filled with so much helpful infomation and is well detailed. I am sure that your readers will find this most useful all the best to you and have a good day.

    1. Hello Norman!

      You’re very welcome Norman. Yes many people have weight issues(including me), I agree with you by doing the opposite of what you did when you gained weight you can shed some unwanted pounds. Of course for the weight to stay off you have to be consistent.

      Thank you so much Norman, I’m glad you found my article useful. If I’ve helped one person to love their body I will feel very blessed. Yes Norman for sure, best to you too in everything you do. Thank you for stopping back.


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