Love My Franchy Shape, Do You Love Yours?

Hello there world fitters!

Good day to you World Fitters. Firstly I wanted to mention my birthday that just passed on Monday. Yes October 31, was my birthday I turned 34. I’m blessed to have made it another year. There are so many people who never made it to there 30’s I’m very fortunate to have made it to 34. Let’s take a moment of silence for my special day. Shall we continue? Yes let’s continue to the topic of the day.

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Today I wanted to talk about shape magazine. If you are not familiar with shape let me give you a brief description. Shape is a fitness magazine geared towards women, that encourages many women to love their shape. Now you know is all about loving your shape. It’s your shape why not love it? With that said I  love my shape because it shows my determination and my hard work.


I’m very grateful for magazines like shape. Many magazines show beautiful women with the perfect shape body. Women we can’t relate to. Then along came this beautiful magazine with real women and real body types. Thank you shape!


I remember growing up and not seeing that many women in the magazines that looked like me. I recall thinking what was wrong with me I don’t look like any of these women? With shape magazine you no longer have to feel left out. Shape encourages women of all shapes and sizes to love their body. want to spread the body loving campaign.






Do you want to help me spread the love? Comment below and tell us why you love your shape. You don’t love your shape ask for help from your body positivity community. I’m here for you World Fitters If you want to talk about anything at all please feel free to contact me, click here for help. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys next week, have a blessed weekend World Fitters.



2 thoughts on “Love My Franchy Shape, Do You Love Yours?”

  1. Hi francesca !
    I congrats you about this subject. Because there are a lot lady into all over the world they just need someone to encourage them to do exercise or sport to lose wieght, but they don’t have no body. You’re subject about love your shape, no I mean SHAPE specially, I’m sure it gonna give them determinate to people specifically the lady to lose weight.
    Only one remark I saw that about your birthday when you said let take a moment silence. You don’t need that because you still alive you just need to your world fitters enjoy full this moment with you. But in resume your subject is very welcome. Congratulation for your job.

  2. Hi Rodney!

    Thank you I’m glad you like my article and you think it can be helpful to other women in helping motivating them to love there shape. While my blog seems to be directed toward girls and women I also want to include my male friends as well. I know some man struggle with there weight as well and I would like to inspire them. When I say take a moment of silence I didn’t mean as if I’m dead thank God I’m healthy. I just was trying to say take a moment to celebrate my birthday with me. Perhaps I could have phrase it differently. Thank you so much for sharing your thought with the self loving community have a blessed day Rodney.


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