My 600+ Pound Article! What?!

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Hello world fitters! In the past week I’ve been viewing a show call “My 600 Pound Life” on TLC. In case you’ve never seen the show. It is about people who are trying to get control over their food addictions. The show mostly consists of women detailing their weight gaining problems. Most of them have had hard life’s and use food as a comfort. For instance if they are having a hard day they turn to food. For me personally it’s the opposite. If I’m stress I don’t eat. I don’t eat my feelings sort of speak. But I can understand being stress and eating. Life is hard! That’s a fact most of us know and understand. The problem is most of us don’t have someone we could come to for support. A lot of people don’t have the money to pay for a Therapist. So a Therapist is out of the question. But what most of us have is a refrigerator full of food. If we run out of food. The refrigerator is easily filled up again.

That is a deadly cycle most food addicts go through. They eat and eat but afterwards they feel guilty about the weight gain. Most of the casts of “My 600 Pound Life” are riddled with guilt and regrets. They themselves can’t believe they have let their addiction go that far. To give you a little back ground about the show.  As I mentioned before “My 600 Pound Life” is a show prod-cast on TLC. It features Penny, Melissa, Zsalynn, Chuck, James, Dominigue, and more. The show follows them on their battle to regain their life back. Often Dr Nowzaradan is seen helping them lose enough weigh so that they can get the Gastric Bypass Surgery. So that they can lose the weight. As with other addictions there are a lot of ups and downs. That is to be expected as addictions are hard to overcome and a food addiction is no different.

When I think about Marla McCants. I think of how deep her food addiction was. She was 43 years old and weighed 800 pounds. Marla developed the addiction after being kidnaped by her ex boyfriend. Afterwards she was too scared to leave her house. Marla stayed inside her home and kept eating and gaining weight. Afterwards the cops caught her estrange ex-boyfriend. But it was already too late. Marla had gain a substantial amount of weight. Marla weighted in at 700 pounds. Her body has already gotten damaged and she saw no reasons to curb her appetite. This feeling of defeatedness is common in victims of domestic abuse. Often when I watched TV where the women is being abused by her significant other. I see women who are like Marla. Women when put under pressure react by eating their feelings sort of speak. When other women watch TV do they think this reaction is okay? Many people watch TV for many different reasons!

Many people watch TV to get an idea of what they should be like? For example, we see people partying with friends and having fun and think that is how life should be. Likewise we see a size 2-6 on TV and think that is how our body should look. Every day most of us open the TV to various images of expectations. Without a stable and strong perspective on life and self. Everybody’s opinion will drive you insane. If you want to lose weight because of someone’s opinion then you shouldn’t. However if you want to improve your body for yourself. Then you should take the necessary steps to improve your body and life.

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Bellow I have inserted a “Quick Poll” and “My Weekly Shapely” to help you get your life back on track.

Quick Poll:

What do you do daily to maintain your health?

a) Drink plenty of water.

b) Exercise daily.

c) Eat fruits and vegetables.

d) Have a good night sleep.

e) Smile and laugh more.

f) None of the above.

My Weekly Shapely:

Hello all! This week I exercise almost everyday. The only day I did not exercise was Tuesday. Lets see if next week If I can do everyday. I even got my boyfriend to come to the park with me. It is always good to have an exercise partner. An exercise partner can help you keep motivated. Plus it makes the exercise session more fun if you are with your best friend. I also recommend playing some music while you exercise. That also helps with the work out.

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6 thoughts on “My 600+ Pound Article! What?!”

  1. I struggled with my weight for many years. Most of my weight gain was caused by stress but a lot of it was eating when I wasn’t hungry. It is like if there happened to be a bag of chips sitting on the table, I would just snack without even thinking about it. So now, not only do I not keep snacks available, I don’t even keep them in the house.

    I think it is really sad when someone goes over 600 pounds. My heart goes out to them. I’m glad you created this site to help people.

    By the way, is that a picture of you on the bottom of the page? You look awesome! 🙂

    1. Hello Wendy! For me it was the opposite. You see for most of my life I have been very skinny. But what people didn’t understand is that I was skinny because I starved myself. So one day I said to myself I’m tired of starving myself. So consequently I started eating more. When people noticed the weight gain needless to say they weren’t happy about it. They said cruel things. They made me feel that when I starved myself that was better. As a result of all this negative reaction I got stressed. Luckily I’m not a stress eater otherwise I’ve been huge. However I understand eating when your stress your not alone on that. Additionally I understand when food is around it’s hard not to eat the food. I’m glad you took care of the temptation. However it is hard because all around us are advertisement of fatty foods. You can fat proof your house but you can’t fat proof the world. Yes it is sad when people go over 600 pounds. I created this site to help people feel comfortable in their body. For so many years I’ve been uncomfortable with my body. I knew how much that sucked. If you don’t want to lose weight. Your happy with being big my site is for you also. I want my site to be a place you come to when you need weight support and the world is putting to much weight on your shoulders. This site is also therapeutic. Meaning if I’m having a bad day I can yap to my fellow World Fitters. LoL!
      PS: No that is not me. That’s a picture of another women. Thanks for the thought!
      Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Hi, I haven’t seen this show yet. However I have seen the previous shows of obesity and they’re attempting to help people leave their house. The last one I saw was called Half-Ton killer.

    I completely agree with you, on the point of not losing weight because of someone else’s standard.
    For the poll, my answer is B. I exercise daily. However lately, I haven’t exercised as much as I would like. For some reason I feel extremely fatigue.
    Thank you for the exercise tips, I’ll use music when I exercise tomorrow 🙂

  3. Hi Christine! I think I’ve seen a show similar to “Half- Ton Killer.” The ending was good she lost a lot of weight. She was able to get a job and regain her life back. I’m glad you agreed. I’ve learned that when you lose the weight for someone else the weight doesn’t stay off. You end up losing the weight and regaining it all back. I suggest love yourself enough to keep the weight off. I noticed you mentioned you’ve been feeling fatigue. Do you get enough hours of sleep? I would suggest you get enough hours of sleep and get some vitamins in your system. Your welcome! Sounds good music definitely makes exercising a lot easier.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. You’re so right Francesca. We always have to want to lose the weight for ourselves, to improve our personal well being 🙂
      Yes and no, sometimes I have a lot of sleep and sometimes I don’t. When I sleep a lot I feel very sluggish but when I sleep a little I feel energetic. I’m definitely going to purchase b12 soon.
      Thank you enjoy the rest of your week as well!

      1. Your welcome! Yes that’s the law of the lamb. If you sleep too much then you feel more tired. But if you sleep less then you have energy. Funny world we live in! I know you keeping up with your sites is keeping you busy. Good luck on your business endeavors!

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