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Today Is The Day Lovelies.

Today I start a brand new blue of me. Full of wonderful possibilities as far as my beautiful blue eyes can see.

Today I start my day with a beautiful smile. With a promise to make the most of my very own perfectly imperfect life. For tomorrow is truly madly deeply never promised. Tomorrow may never come.

Today I count my many blessings and decide to live my life exactly as I choose. No regrets just with a warm heart that is truly madly deeply ready to love.

Today I celebrate myself and all my perfect imperfections. No, I’m not perfect for I’m truly madly deeply perfectly imperfect. Nevertheless, I love me always. Realizing all my struggles and failures were really created to make me a Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel.

Today I live my life like it is the last day until my very own happily ever after. I dance like no one is watching. I sing like my lungs go on infinitely. I love like this can be my very last chance to tell you I love you. I always have.

Today I closed my beautiful blue eyes forevermore. I’m surrounded by loved ones here to say their goodbyes. Nevertheless, I’m truly madly deeply content. For I lived like each day could be my last and today is that very day. Suddenly all the ghosts of last year’s past begin surrounding me with great big smiles on their faces. For I truly lived life just as I should with no regrets. The sweet angels all begin helping me out. Helping me get to my very own happily ever after. I look back at my beautiful loved ones. They now all were smiling and waving at me. I smiled and said one last time don’t dream your life live your dream. While disappearing into the light.

Sweet Lovelies this too can be your story some day. You can live the life you truly madly deeply always wanted to live. I know things may not be as you like just always remember this too shall past. Sweet Lovelies dont dream your life live your dream. Create your very own happily ever after now and forevermore ya I love you so much.

2021 A Self Love Poem From Me to You.

Hi Lovelies how are you all doing? I’m doing well trying to do the very best that I can ya. I truly madly deeply hope you are doing well too. Today I wanted to share my poetry with you all. As you all may know it is my dream to publish many books. Until then I will share my poetry with you all via my blogs. Visit https://www.myearninglifegog82.com/ and Franchys Poems and Short Stories (writingmyverybeststory.blogspot.com) for more great poetry. I truly madly deeply love you all. Let me know what you think leave me a lovely comment below mmmmmmmmmm ya.

Enjoy this wanderlust of my Poetry Sweet Lovelies:

I see you Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel your blue eyes are glistening full of many wonderfully beautiful hopes and dreams.

Though I know last years past of broken dreams has never been too kind.

With the merry go round of broken dreams never too far behind patiently waiting for any misstep or perhaps a fall from right out of haven.

Beautiful Sweet Soul Angel for haven is what you truly madly deeply are.

A face right out of a magazine and a body with curves nothing like the highest mountains I have ever seen.

Nevertheless each and every night you close your beautiful blue eyes that are stained with self doubt and lack of faith deep within your soul.

Why do you cry Sweet Lovely? If you truly madly deeply are not happy with your very own happily ever after get off the merry go round of broken dreams forevermore.

Don’t dream your life live your dream. For this is your life and you must live the life that you truly want now and eternally forevermore.

This life is short and full of many unpredictability. With tomorrow never being promised and every breath could righteously be your very last.

Always love yourself Sweet Lovelies. I love you.

From Francesca Etheart with sweet love: This poem is dedicated to anyone going through a hard time. Have faith things will get better all you have to do is just believe in your dreams. For nothing last forever not even this difficult time you are going through. Open you blue eyes to all the beautiful wonderful possibilities that is this perfectly imperfect life of yours. Always remember to be blue, be you.