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Bonjour (Good Morning) world fitters! I’m certainly in a fabulous mood. I hope you are as well. Hows life? My life is good! As I mention in my last blog! My birthday is next Saturday. That right October 31, (hollow-en). I cant wait! I will be 33 years old. SSSSSHHHHH Don’t tell anyone world fitters its our little secret!

I dance to my own beat

I trust that you can keep my little age secret! I know there is a saying that a gentleman never ask’s a woman her age (after 30). If you’ve been reading my blogs and visiting my other profiles. Then you know I dance to my own beat. I’m not normal. Nor do I pretend I’m normal. That’s right I embrace my weirdness. With that said I don’t mind you knowing my age. After all we are a family! Besides I’m proud of my age. It shows I’ve been on this earth longer then some people. There are some people who never made it to their 30’s. There are even some people who never made it to their 16th birthday. So yes I will be ecstatic that I made it to 33. Happy birthday to me!

My Sweet Birthday

In honor of my birthday. I will film a special message to you world fitters. So stay tune for that. This week will be an easy week for me. Even though I have a lot of work to do. For my online job as well as my security job. Subsequently I will take a day off to celebrate my birthday. Don’t worry! I will have your weekly post ready by Friday. So yeah easy week coming up!

I don’t know about you. I like making things easy and simple. Life is complicated enough. Why complicate your life further? I try to make my articles as simple as possible. So that everyone can follow a long. This blog wont be any different. I have five simple ways to incorporate into your life. To help you lose the weight. Many people feel that in order to lose weight you have to work very hard. Yes that is true. In order to lose the weight you will have to work hard. However you can also lose weight by making some small changes. For example, giving up soda. That’s what I did. I lower a substantial amount of soda out of my diet. It has work wonders for me.

Another technique that has worked wonders for me is taking baby steps. Taking baby steps is the key to keeping off the weight. Many people gravitate towards grueling hours at the gym. Starving themselves for long periods of time. My advice to you world fitters is take it easy!

Below are 5 easy weight loss steps:

  1. Soda back up
    As I mentioned before cutting back on soda alone. Can have a profound effect on the shape of your body. You can lose a good amount of weight cutting back on soda. When I first started my journey. That was the first and only thing I cut back on. I know soda can cause a lot of weight gain. So reduce your soda intake and reduce your dress size.
  2. Water down to your perfect fitness
    One good way to keep the pounds off is by drinking a glass of water. While hydrating you. Water also helps you feel full faster and therefore prevent over eating. Water is a good way to maintain your perfect body. Lets drink to that!
  3. Chewing perfection
    I know growing up with fear of the biggest embarrassment of my life. Haven’t always been easy! However it’s something everyone deals with. That’s right I’m talking about bad breath! Having bad breath can ultimately end your life! At least that’s how a teenager may feel. If you can remember your childhood. You know how frail your social celebrity (popularity) can be. Popular one day a nobody the next day. A lot of us would do anything to maintain our status. Chewing gum to maintain social celebrity is a no brainier. Chewing gum keeps you ready for the perfect close up. Apparently chewing gum also gets you ready for your tiny bikini. “What?” Yup you head correctly. Chewing gum can help you to lose some pounds. So chew your way to your perfect body.
  4. Clean the dish/clear your weight to perfection
    Many of us hate washing the dishes. Buying a dish washer seems like a good investment. But is it? I was doing some online work. When I read that washing dishes can help you to lose some weight. Naturally I was very skeptical! I thought it was a trick to get us to wash our dishes. Nevertheless I decided to give it a try. After all I have to wash dishes anyway. I just have a naughty little thought in the back of my mind. That I mate be shedding some pounds. Having that little naughty thought in the back of my head. Helps to motivate me to continue washing the dishes.
  5. Fidgety Weight Loss
    Remember when your mom use to say ( maybe they still do) “stay still?” While you excited wait for your birthday party. As thoughts of opening your present run through your mind. Well maybe your parents was wrong. “What?” You say my parents are never wrong! Just hear me out for a second. Moving and not staying still is good for your waist and other parts of your body. Keeping your body moving also keeps the scale moving. Where the scale stops depends on you.

How your body looks depends on you! Try these five steps they should help with your weight loss. In addition to trying my easy weight loss secrets. You can also buy clothes that makes you look slimmer. To accentuate your natural curves and body shape. For instance black clothing is known to make you look slimmer naturally. When it comes to weight loss don’t stress yourself out. Give yourself a brake! Often we are the hardest on ourselves! Take it easy! I’ll talk to you later world fitters! Right now I’ll be getting ready to celebrate my birthday! Remember every Friday I’ll have a new post to share with you guys. Alrighty world fitters! I bid you fare well. Bye! Bye!

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My Weekly Shapely:
Hello again world fitters! It’s me Franchy! I’m currently at work writing this post for you. Reminiscing on the past week. As you guys know my birthday just past. I had a fabulous birthday. Although I haven’t celebrated my birthday yet. I will celebrate it sometime this week. I cant wait!

As for my weight. I’m happy to say I’ve been keeping up with my exercise. Even though I haven’t been walking in the park. However the only aspect I haven’t been keeping up with is my fiber intake. It’s necessary I get the proper amount of fiber. To help my stomach stay small. In the past years my stomach been big and small. For instance one day I would look at the mirror and see my wonderfully small waist. Then a couple hours later my stomach would be big again. Have anyone also experienced that? When that happens I get quite frustrated. So I’m working on regulating my fiber intake.

I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress. World fitters you should also regulate your fiber intake. It may also help you to lose weight! I hope you find this blog helpful! Weight loss should be easy. Not such a struggle. However if you are struggling. Comment below and let the community help you! If you wish to contact me directly my email is. I will definitely reply. I’m here for you world fitters. If you need me you know what to do! Have a good week! Bye! Bye!

Wealthy Weight Loss

Hello world fitters! Francesca here with the latest weight loss information for my lovely family. I hope all is well in your world. It’s currently mid October. My birthday is on it’s way. That’s right my birthday is October 31. Every-time I tell people when my birthday is. They naturally look at me weird like I have something on my face. I feel privilege to have my birthday on such a fun holiday(Hollow-en).

It’s my birthday I can be what I want!

Just for the one day (Hollow-en). You can be anything you want. Why make it only one day? Make it for three hundred and sixty five days! For twenty four hours you can be whoever you want to be. If you are willing to put in the effort. Don’t go to the costume shop and buy a skinny suit. That wont be any fun. Eat right and exercise and be whoever you want to be! Being whoever you want to be wont be easy or free. For example, some products can be rather expansive. For those that are cheap. The small amount of money adds up over time.

Money Money

You need money to buy the things you need and want. That’s why we slave away our free time to work 40 hours or so a week. I don’t know about you. When I went to school getting a 9-5 job was ingrained in my brain. When you are in school. No one suggest you work online or get your own business. Do they? I don’t think so. That’s why I worked hard in school. So I can go to college and get a good paying 9-5 job. School in it self has it’s own expanses. For instance a book can be very expansive. That’s why after class I would go to my part time job. So I can afford the college life. Similarly with weight loss. Some products can be very pricey. World fitters think out side the box. Although a 9-5 job is the norm. It’s not the only way to earn a living. You can have your own business!

Is a business right for me?

I always thought a business was for a wealthy person that needs a hobby. A business is not for a person like me. Or is it? I first discover the internet at the age of 18. I would go on Yahoo and check my email’s. I would also chat. Nothing important just trivial things. Then on 2006 at the age of 23. I begin thinking about earning some money online. Not full time money but some extra cash to spend. Eventually I did find different ways to earn. But then I got scammed and quit my online work. Approximately around 25 or 26 years of age I try the internet again. That time I set different rules for myself. Open a pay pal account. This time I earned some money. Unfortunately not enough to quit my security job. Eventually I quit my online job again. That time was not because I got scammed again. But because I got discourage. As I was not earning the amount of money I wanted. Pass forward to 2015. When I started to read Eddy Salomon blogs. So I could avoid getting scammed. Then one day something amazing happened. I came across Eddy Salomons article about Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate the dream!

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university. That teaches you how to become an Affiliate Marketer. There you get two free web-sites and all the tools you need to run an online business.
Wealthy Affiliate was created by Kyle and Carson on 2005. Kyle and Carson created a great community with in Wealthy Affiliate. Where newbies can get advice from professionals with 5 years plus experience. The great part is that you can chat directly with the owners. That’s right! Kyle and Carson also participate in the community.

My sweet conclusion

World fitters I feel we are a community too. I’m not here trying to convince you to join a new scam program. I thought this mate be a scam too. But then I researched Wealthy Affiliate and saw it truly is a great opportunity. I know you have some great questions to ask. Two common questions you may want to ask me are. Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? How much will Wealthy Affiliate cost me? No Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. To start it is absolutely free (no credit card). So what are you waiting for? Check it out! click here to learn more! If you have any questions you can ask me in the comment section. Have a great weekend world fitters! Bye! Bye!

Dancing To Your Perfect Body!

Hello world fitters! This week we are going to talk about dancing. Dancing have many benefits to help you with your life. Most obviously recognizable dancing helps you lose weight. With dancing you can lose weight while having fun. Losing weight while having fun can have extra ordinary results. For instance you can lose a lot of weight without noticing it. Since your having so much fun. You don’t wanna stop. So you keep going. It would benefit everyone if they thought that losing weight can be fun. Instead we think losing weight as a chore. That it is boring.

What happens when we’re stuck doing a boring chore? We make excuses to avoid doing the chore. Similarly when we are stuck with a boring exercise routines. We make excuses so we wont have to work out. When it comes to workouts you have to keep it fresh. Adding new routine is a good idea. Otherwise it gets boring and you eventually quit. A new exercise routine I would suggest is dancing. I cant dance. You exclaim while slowly bending you head down in shame. Can you move I ask? Yes she reply. Then you can dance.
Let’s go! Lets dance! That’s right I’m talking to you. You sitting over there there on the cough. With that moi look on your face. Come on don’t be shy!

dancing blog 4

Shyness is a common reason why people don’t dance. Getting up and moving your body to the music takes a lot of guts. It takes a certain amount of confidence in yourself. A person who is obese mate not have the confidence to dance. An obese person mate get self conscious that everyone is looking at the size of their body. They are probably correct. Many people might say that they don’t want to see an obese person dancing. The key is not to think about what others are thinking about your body. Free your mind and your body. Let the music move your body. Dancing is a mind freeing activity. When you dance you are concentrating on the music and how it makes you feel. You get loose and move freely. While you do this you feel the stress of the day dissipating through your pores. As you sweat. We all know sweating is a good way to lose weight. Which you can achieve by dancing.

dancing blog 2

Dancing is not only good to lose weight. As a good stress reliever dancing is also a good way to get to know yourself. For instance maybe you didn’t think you were sexy. Then you begin dancing. Moving in ways you wouldn’t normally move. Thus feeling sexy and endearing. There are so many ways to tell a story through your dancing. Lets dance and you can tell me how is everything?

dance blog 4

dance blog

For a teacher in Texas everything wasn’t okay. She was unhappy at the way her body looked. Even though she had a very supportive husband. So the teacher decided to do something about it. Now the Texas native have lost a 100 pound. The Texan credited her success to doing something she enjoy such as dancing. Of course to also being consistent. She become the dancing star in her family.

dance blog 2

You can do it too world fitters! You can be the dancing star of your family! Exercise can be fun! Life is fun! Here is the link to the article http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/02/health/weight-loss-roni-tarver-irpt/. Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think about the article? Of course I would love to know what you think about this dancing blog. I hope you enjoyed it and feel inspire to move your body. Some of your comments have inspire me to keep writing for my web-site. Thank you for the love! See you next time! Love you world fitters! Bye! Bye!

PS: Man can get down too!

dance blog 4

Dance Men.
Dance Men.


My Life My Story

As I sit back my iPad in hand. I groan and murmured ughhh god. This is like my fifth attempt at a video for a survey web site. I always do this. Do like a hundred thousand takes (I’m not kidding) before the video is ready to publish. I shake my head as the reason becomes clear. On why it takes so long to make a video? The reason being my low self-esteem.


Through-out my life my low self-esteem have played a role in my life. Putting big walls between relationships. Putting my dreams and what I love to the side. Putting my self worth at it’s lowest. “If you don’t love yourself no one will.” These words have hunted me through-out my life. As I went from relationship after relationship. Looking for the love that I didn’t have for myself. Needless to say that search went on infinitely. It resulted in me kissing a lot of frogs and a bad after taste in my mouth. “Life is what you make it.”

Life is pretty difficult for people with low self-esteem. Their usually depress and can’t see the positives in life. World fitters “seize the day carpe diem.” Don’t let your size define your life. Lose the low self-esteem and found your-self. Get to know yourself intimately. What would you say to your younger self? Would your younger self be proud of the person you have become?

For instance You Tube had asked me a couple of months ago to do a “Dear Me” video. I happily accepted of course. “Dear Me” is a self reflection video. It’s about what your older self want to say to your younger self? Below is my “Dear Me” video and a poem I wanted to share. Sharing is caring!

Love thy self.

Make love to thy self.

Look in the mirror.

Look at your beautiful eyes.

The eyes are the mirror to your soul.

I look at your soul.

It looks so empty.

When you cry. Scatter

Pieces of your soul splatter on the ground.

Like a life size puzzle.

All the events of your life scatter every which way.

Not knowing where to turn.

Turn to me my darling.

Come to me.

Let me brush away your tears.

Kissing them gently away.

Caressing you gently in my arms.

Brushing away strands of hair.

I reach down and kiss you.

Suddenly our body begin to merge together.

Two hearts become one.

We are one.

I love you.

World fitters! I hope you enjoy this post. My name is Francesca Etheart. That was “My Life My Story.”

Smiling through life!


Fran's Art Museum


Winter Weight Gain No More!

Central park

Hola world fitters! I just left my apartment to be surprised by the cooler weather. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised it is fall. Goodbye summer dresses, short crop shorts, and last but not least goodbye beautiful hot weather. The cooler weather that fall brings is welcome by many people. Fall is okay with me. The only issue I have is that. When fall comes it will be soon be followed by winter. Nothing depresses me more then winter. Which coming from a New Yorker doesn’t really make any sense.

fall blog 4

Fall blog

New York as you know gets pretty cold winters. Don’t get me wrong there are certain perks of the winter season. For instance snow looks pretty nice falling from the skies and pre tramping escapades. There is something therapeutic about being with your family around the fire place. While drinking some hot chocolate and exchanging funny memories. Yup that would be a beautiful post card to send to your family members. During the holiday seasons. However there are some unwanted side effects of winter. Such as weight gaining.

fall blog 2 fall blog 3

Many of us (myself included) uses the holidays as a good excuse to gain weight. For example, ” I just couldn’t resist the tasty turkey.” or “These sprinkle holiday cookies are calling my name.” Okay I get it. You want to enjoy your food for the holidays. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s not good to restrict yourself too much. Because eventually you will give in to temptation. The key is to do everything in moderation. If you find yourself over eating. Do some exercise to help balance everything out. For instance after a big thanksgiving meal go on a nice walk around your neighborhood. Checkout which house have their houses decorated with Christmas lights early. During December I love walking around my neighborhood. To see which house is decorated the most. Some houses were so beautiful. I would ooohhh and aaahhh to my hearts content. Looking at Christmas lights makes me feel festive and ready for Christmas.

fall blog 3 fall blog 4

fall blog 5


You must be thinking Francesca we are only in October. Why are we talking about Christmas already? You should be talking about best fall foliage in New York, or different leaf shapes identification. You are absolutely correct world fitters. I’m sorry for getting ahead of myself. I just want you guys to be prepared for the winter. I know how difficult it is to keep your weight down for the winter season. Many of us put back on the weight we loss in the summer. Below I have included different ways to avoid gaining weight this winter.

fall blog 5

fall blog 6

5 Franchie-Licious Winter Beauty Tips:

1. Exercise- My first tip is continue to exercise on a regular basis. I know it is easy to turn on the TV, and watch an exercise show instead. Unfortunately watching an exercise flick wont help you lose weight. If it did I would be really in shape by the summer laugh-out-loud. Who knows maybe with technology we will be able to lose weight with the TV. Until then you must exercise to get the body that you want.

2. Never party on an empty stomach- Make sure you go to the party with food already in your stomach. So that you wont over eat unhealthy food. Foods like water and salad are good to have before you go to the party. That way your eat less and preserve your body.

3. Sober up to your weight loss- Try to limit the amount of alcohol that you intake. While alcohol may make you feel good. It also causes you to put on extra weight as well. Which you wont particularly feel good about. I know you want to get loose. You will get loose after you avoid a couple glass of wine. You will be one step closer to the body that you want.

4. Practice for your perfect body- “Practice makes perfect.” I don’t expect you to be perfect. You will slip up now and again. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Temptation will win sometimes. The key is to make up for your bad habits. For example, putting in extra hours at the gym for one week. Similarly you can eat clean for a week or two. Don’t just say you fail and go back to your bad habits. Once you stop it’s harder to go back. Don’t quit! Keep going! I’m rooting for you world fitters.

5. Fun times are here- It’s a party! Have fun! Sometimes we go to the party and don’t see anyone we are particularly friends with. So we head to our old friend the food table. Who is on the side waving you over. That’s why food addiction is such a problem. It is always there to comfort you when you need it. Tonight is time to party! No comfort food! Go ahead and meet new people and have fun! Maybe you will meet a new friend that can comfort you.

World fitters I hope my blog is a good source of comfort for you. I want to be here at your time of need. If you have no friends that is not the case anymore. At loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com you are part of a community. We all are friends here. If you ever need to talk you can email me directly. My email is on my privacy policy page. I will reply promptly. Thank you to everyone that have been supporting my blog. I hope you continue to visit and watch this web-site grow. Thank you everyone for reading. Have a wonderful weekend!

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e) I love the holiday season.
f) Cuddling with my girlfriend or boyfriend.

My Weekly Shapely:
Hello world fitters! Do you like the little nick name I’ve given you? I hope you do. Well world fitters as you know it is getting chillier and chillier. It’s almost time for me to hibernate. Thus beginning the true test if the weight will stay off. I had made a promise to myself to keep the weight off. I definitely don’t want to go into next summer with extra pounds of fat. To be frank I’m a bit nervous that I will put on more weight. As last summer I lost quite a bit of weight. During the winter time I’ve put back on the weight. Needless to say I was very disappointed with myself. I’ve worked really hard with a friend to lose the weight but only to put it back on.

I’m sure you as well have experienced the same thing. Losing the weight is not the hard part. The hard part is keeping the weight off. Many of us get into the dress for the event that we wanted. When the event have finished. We go back to our old habits and put back on the weight. That’s why I don’t diet. In my opinion diets work only for a short term. If you want long term results. Then you have to change your life style.

In an other article I will talk about different life style changes. You can make to achieve the body you desire. World fitters my Family. I truly hope my blog posts are expiring to you. I hope that you are losing weight and are closer to your goal weight. Additionally if you don’t want to lose weight I hope my blog helps you to love the body your in. Alrighty I’m signing off. If you have a suggestion on a post you want me to write about. Please leave me an email. My email is. If I choose your post I will give you the credit in my next post. Have a good weekend all! Thank you for visiting!