Sleep Well To Your Happily Ever After.

Good morning Lovelies. How are you all doing this lovely day? I’m okay other than I really feel crappy. This is of course after my Franchy marathon of no sleep the previous day. World Fitters I truly madly deeply feel awful. My body hurts and I was having a really strong pain in my stomach and was having a bit difficulty of breathing. Ya Lovelies my whole body was truly madly deeply screaming please don’t ever do this to us again we need sleep.

Lovelies as you guys may know the reason I do these long marathons is that I really need to catch up with some work for my business as I’m behind. Losing sleep to achieve something great is rarely frowned upon. As a matter of fact, it is rewarded. For example, I remember I was watching a motivational video about working hard and living your dreams. One of the things he mentioned was sometimes you are going to have to lose sleep in order to be successful. Nonetheless, I’m going to have to politely disagree. Sleep is needed in order to run a successful business and a successful life. Today I was looking at the bad side effects of not getting sleep. The speaker compared being very tired to being drunk. Ya going to work really tired is like going to work drunk. Life for me can be complicated at times. The sort of work I do is like I’m constantly working. It’s not like I do 9 to 5 and I’m finished with my Franchy work. Which is fine Lovelies as I said I always wanted to work on my very own beautiful sweet dreams. Nevertheless, I have to work in some sleeping time somehow. Since the way, I feel today was not good at all. Maybe I should do a blog about getting a good night’s sleep. Until then Lovelies take care of your own sweet health and be well. Be good to your perfectly imperfect body and it will be good to you. Stay blessed always and have a great day ya.

Don’t dream your life live your dream. Sweet Lovely sometimes you can not even imagine all that you are truly madly deeply capable of until you truly madly deeply believe. Mmmmmmmm ya 😘😘🥰🥰😍😍

2022 Searching Your Perfect Imperfection Of Sweet Love.

Hi Lovelies, Good morning. How are you all doing? I’m doing awesomely well hope you are doing well too. Today I was all over the internet searching this searching that. I’m always on the lookout for more ways to grow my perfectly imperfect business. Additionally, I have been working a lot on my new site. Which is an online magazine. This is my latest newest site and I must say I’m very proud of it. I will leave a link in the comment section and I would really appreciate it if you will have a looksie. Lovelies I have been online for a very long time. I remember when I was 18 or 19 years old when my house finally started using the internet. It was one computer that each of us must take turns using. During that time I was nowhere online. When I was chatting there was not even one picture for me to show how I look. Now search my name and you see many wonderful beautiful pictures of me all around the interweb. This is similar to how weight loss often begins with Lovelies.

When I was overweight my body changed and so did my perfectly imperfect view of myself. This of course was often helped with rude comments from people constantly reminding me how much better I looked when I was skinny. There was this guy who I thought was my friend who was constantly bothering me about my big belly and how I needed to lose it so I would look sexy again. It was truly madly deeply soul-breaking to constantly hear about others’ opinions about my body. This is my body moreover my business and none of yours I would say over teary eyes. Needless to say, ya I wanted to lose the weight fast. Nevertheless, that is not how weight loss naturally occurs. Like my perfectly imperfect internet Franchy Fame it would first start as nowhere in sight then it would slowly come off inch by inch. With the internet and social media, it is so easy to compare our perfectly imperfect bodies to other Beautiful Sweet Soul Angels. There are pictures upon pictures of weight loss all over the interweb. Nonetheless, Sweet Lovely, your weight loss can look absolutely different from your friends and family. It can take a lot longer than expected and that is perfectly ok. Don’t rush your perfect happily ever after. Be blue be you whatever that might be. Always love yourself and all your perfect imperfections. Sweet Lovelies I just wanted to share my sweet thoughts as I thought this is something many of us experience from time to time. How many times are we searching for this particular thing but end up on a beautiful model’s page on Instagram? World Fitters, I would say between all of us that would be many times. Like today I was just searching and it was truly madly deeply amazing all the wonderful things that I found. Inevitably I came across a beautiful girl that I wished I look like. Lovelies let me tell you, you are enough just as you are. While you are doing all these searches remember the most important things you can only find deep down in your beautiful sweet heart. Have a lovely day. Chabella, bye Beauties.

2022 New Spring Dreams.

Hi Lovelies how do you do? I’m doing alright just feeling tired. Ya, my sleep is back to being sporadic and I’m trying to adjust to the wonderful mornings again. I just am so used to being up at night and sleeping the mornings away. The problem is that by the time I wake up it is too late to run my errands. Like my Franchy frantastic bank runs. Additionally, it is spring you know time for my wonderful walks outdoors.

Ya, it is springtime in beautiful New York City. You know Lovelies I absolutely hate the winters. Now it is getting warmer I can go out more frequently. Which when getting up too late possess a really big problem. I like to do 2 hours at least at the park before I can come home. Then it is time to work again. Ya Lovelies I work each and every day. Between Facebook, my business profiles, and blogging I’m pretty busy. We are really into the mid of the New Year as of now Lovelies. By now we can see how our New Year’s Resolutions went. Did you keep your many promises Lovelies? For me ya it has been truly madly deeply a struggle. Ya, bad habits truly die hard. Nonetheless, I’m not giving up. No longer just dreaming my life am living my sweet dreams. Thank you for listening to my Franchy ramblings about the new life that spring always brings. I hope today is going great for you. Stay true to yourself always. Bye, see you all tomorrow.

Franchys Sweet Musings and Mental Health.

Hi Lovelies how are you all doing on this beautiful wonderful day? Today I’m not doing too well, to be honest. Firstly to be honest something I was expecting that would have helped me a lot has fallen through. I’m referring to my tax refund. I was supposed to get it and now I realize I will not be able to receive it. Which is really unfortunate. Moreover, the new relationship that I have been working on is not going too well either. To make matters worse Lovelies I was thinking about my horrible unfortunate ex and anger was truly madly deeply consuming me. My heart was just filled with so much hate and regret towards him. So much so that I made myself sick (it can also be my woman’s issues).

Yes, Lovelies today I’m sick and really don’t feel well. Sweet Lovelies as I said before I’m perfectly imperfect. Today I’m not ok and that is perfectly ok. If I was to blog only when I feel good and am happy then I would not be blogging too often at all. Moreover, I want to share with you all my real-life experiences. Life is not always blue skies and happily ever afters. Things can happen in one moment that can truly change the entire course of your perfectly imperfect life. Like for instance a heart brake by someone you really cared about. I feel like my ex really ruined any good relationship that I can have in the future. His constant lying and emotional abuse were not good for my mental health at all. What really hurts is that it was a guy that I thought was a friend who set me up to be broken-hearted. I should have known better not to get involved with a married man but he lied and said he was not really married. I know Lovelies it truly madly deeply was complicated. He lied and just keep saying his not married. I’m very naive and different I trust too easily and love hard. Lovlies stay away from married man and man that consistently lies. They can only bring you to a truly dark place with no hope.

Sweet Lovelies I truly hope you don’t mind me writing my heart out in this wonderful article. My mental health today was not doing good. Even with daily exercise, my Franchy mind was racing in a never-ending tunnel of broken dreams. I was lost in a sea of despair. Lovelies writing has always been an outlet for my beautiful soul. Also exercising daily helps some too. Mostly I really want to help by sharing my Franchy story. If you are also going through a difficult situation. Remember it will be okay for nothing last forever. Additionally, if you are in a toxic relationship try your very best to leave. No, it will not get better. I also want to mention that therapy is a great thing and nothing to be ashamed of. Mental health is really important. Take care and be well. See you all tomorrow ya.

Franchys Weekly Water Challenge.

Good day, Lovelies and how do you do? Thankfully I’m truly madly deeply doing fine. I’m not perfect but at least I’m still here creating my very own happily ever after. I truly hope you Lovelies are having a very awesome day mmmmmmmmm ya. Oh gosh, where shall I begin with my Franchy not so frantastic update? Mmmmmmm here it goes ya. So not surprisingly I have stop drinking water again Lovelies. Ya I know old habits truly never disappear. Ya, it is definitely a daily challenge for me Franchy. I don’t know why but I really struggle with drinking water. It’s just really difficult to commit. This is exactly why I created this water challenge. Additionally, I truly wanted to inspire my other Lovelies that have this unfortunate attribute. So ya, starting all over again!

Franchy What’s The News?

Lovelies this water challenge is officially starting all over again. As you will see I have missed more than a month of recording my frantastic results and it would really be difficult to go back and fix things. Hence why I’m starting a brand new happily ever after. However, from this very moment, I will have to report to you all every week. As it is essential to see my results going forward. Sweet Lovelies this is exactly why I started this lovely beautiful challenge. Ironicly through missing my fantastic weekly updates I was still inevitably recording my Franchy results though not the way I truly wanted to. Nevertheless, I will not be too hard on myself for my frantastic failure. As I’m truly madly deeply perfectly imperfect. Additionally, I know drinking water daily would not be easy for me. That is the reason I started the challenge in the first place. So in short I have not been really drinking water Lovelies. Nonetheless no worries I can always start all over again. Which is exactly what I’m doing. See you all next week. Bye, bye chabella.

Franchys A Water Update.

Mmmmmmmmm water happy ya 💕💕💖💖😘😘🥰🥰😍

Good morning, hi Lovelies how are you all doing this lovely day? To be honest I have not been enjoying those lovely spring days I have been at home sick from my woman issues. Ladies do any of you get really sick during that time of the month? I do, sometimes I’m so unwell that I cant even get up to feed and clean myself. Moreover the other reason I have not been outside as much is because I keep waking up too late. I’m awake all night and sleep during the day ugg not easy. I really need to take better care of my health ya. So that I can truly madly deeply create my very own happily ever after ya.

Ya Lovelies I’m not taking that much good care of my health. I at times feel unwell. For instance, ya I’m having difficulty at drinking water again. I don’t know it is just really hard for me. Do you Lovelies have any suggestion on how to drink more water? I was thinking about adding some flavors as I just don’t like the plainness of water. I love taste and how it awakens my Franchy senses. Sweet Lovelies that is exactly what I need to do I think add some flavor. I will keep you all posted on my progress. I truly need to drink more water as my chronic constipation has unfortunately returned. I truly madly deeply need to be a better Francesca. As I truly madly deeply love all my perfect imperfections. Bye Lovelies see you all next time ya.

Mmmmmmmmm live your best water life ya 💕💕💖💖😘😘🥰🥰😍