2022 Searching Your Perfect Imperfection Of Sweet Love.

Hi Lovelies, Good morning. How are you all doing? I’m doing awesomely well hope you are doing well too. Today I was all over the internet searching this searching that. I’m always on the lookout for more ways to grow my perfectly imperfect business. Additionally, I have been working a lot on my new site. Which is an online magazine. This is my latest newest site and I must say I’m very proud of it. I will leave a link in the comment section and I would really appreciate it if you will have a looksie. Lovelies I have been online for a very long time. I remember when I was 18 or 19 years old when my house finally started using the internet. It was one computer that each of us must take turns using. During that time I was nowhere online. When I was chatting there was not even one picture for me to show how I look. Now search my name and you see many wonderful beautiful pictures of me all around the interweb. This is similar to how weight loss often begins with Lovelies.

When I was overweight my body changed and so did my perfectly imperfect view of myself. This of course was often helped with rude comments from people constantly reminding me how much better I looked when I was skinny. There was this guy who I thought was my friend who was constantly bothering me about my big belly and how I needed to lose it so I would look sexy again. It was truly madly deeply soul-breaking to constantly hear about others’ opinions about my body. This is my body moreover my business and none of yours I would say over teary eyes. Needless to say, ya I wanted to lose the weight fast. Nevertheless, that is not how weight loss naturally occurs. Like my perfectly imperfect internet Franchy Fame it would first start as nowhere in sight then it would slowly come off inch by inch. With the internet and social media, it is so easy to compare our perfectly imperfect bodies to other Beautiful Sweet Soul Angels. There are pictures upon pictures of weight loss all over the interweb. Nonetheless, Sweet Lovely, your weight loss can look absolutely different from your friends and family. It can take a lot longer than expected and that is perfectly ok. Don’t rush your perfect happily ever after. Be blue be you whatever that might be. Always love yourself and all your perfect imperfections. Sweet Lovelies I just wanted to share my sweet thoughts as I thought this is something many of us experience from time to time. How many times are we searching for this particular thing but end up on a beautiful model’s page on Instagram? World Fitters, I would say between all of us that would be many times. Like today I was just searching and it was truly madly deeply amazing all the wonderful things that I found. Inevitably I came across a beautiful girl that I wished I look like. Lovelies let me tell you, you are enough just as you are. While you are doing all these searches remember the most important things you can only find deep down in your beautiful sweet heart. Have a lovely day. Chabella, bye Beauties.

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