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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 30

Sometimes it’s just not the right time and you have to be patient until it is just right.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Hola World Fitters!

Today was another beautiful day, did my morning meditation and exercise. Thought about my coming up date. It was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I mean this guy will have to pay money to take me out in addition to the meal he will have to pay for me I want him to have a good time and for him to enjoy himself. Unfortunately, because of work commitments on his part, we had to reschedule our date for Thursday. I’m okay with that work always comes first. Nonetheless, I was pretty disappointed as I was getting excited as I haven’t been on a real date for ages. I really need to go out more and enjoy myself and stop constantly working. It just wasn’t the right time for our very first dat¬†and I’m ok with that.

Sometimes it’s just not the right time and you have to be patient until it is just right. Hopefully, everything will be just right for Thursday and we both can have some much-needed fun. World Fitters have you ever done online dating? If so how did it go? Other then this would’ve been my first online date in a long time it is also Franchys daily dose of self-love 30 day anniversary. I can hardly believe it as it feels I just created my very first post. I hope you all are enjoying getting to know me better. I wanted to know honestly what you all think about the added life updates? Do you enjoy reading my frantastic thoughts? I hope so as I have been enjoying creating more awesome content. I hope you all have a very lovely day!


World Fitters Our Two Years

Hola World Fitters!

Today I received an email from namecheap.com. In case you’re wondering namecheap.com is a website that provides businesses with domain names. I brought my domain loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com from them. I know what you are thinking Francesca (Franchy) where are you going with this.

Where I’m going with this is that I wanted to talk to you all a little about how I feel about my website turning 2 years old. I’m so happy to have come this far. In these two years I have shared with you my heart felt experiences with putting on weight.

Before <3

After <3

I feel like we have become some sort of family. I have shared with you personal experiences that I’ve gone through. Additionally I shared with you my weight, which will held me accountable to you all. World Fitters I really hope loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com is really making a difference in your life. Love your perfectly imperfect body, may loseweightandfeelgreatwithfran.com lasts many more years. Thank you for visiting me for the last two years. I’m looking forward to posting more posts more regularly. I love you all have a blessed day, bye.