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Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 57

Sometimes to start a new doesn’t mean starting all over, just be the best you ther is no do over.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good morning World Fitters

Today I started my moring with a bit of worrying. First of I was waiting for kelly to call subconsciously. Additionally I know off hand its going to be a long day as I took off yesterday. Today is a new day to jumstart my business. Today is the start of the end of being to lazy and going for my dreams.

Sometimes to start a new doesn’t mean starting all over, just be the best you there is no do-over. So today I started my day as usual. I did my morning meditation then did my special prayer too. I knew today was going to be a busy day. I took off from Web Modeling and say I would do extra hours today to make up. World Fitters do you realize when it’s time to work time goes super fast? So much so next thing you know you’re in front of a computer working. Working is working whether it is online or offline. Work can be hard coincidentally starting a new venture can be equally as hard. Nonetheless, I need this new start for Frans Online Business INC I really want to grow my business and be successful. This new start will give me a chance to do just that. I have to succeed and I will. Since it is the new year new starts are out and about trying to find their own special space. For must of us, that’s in our heart. In our heart, we each know what we want it just a matter of making it happen. Make it happen World Fitters start fresh and new create the life you want.


New start, new beginnings are the greatest gifts given to us by our father.

Franchys Daily Dose Of Self Love day 16

Sometimes day one could be your last, make it count, live like tomorrow isn’t promise.

By Francesca Etheart, for your well being

Good Morning World Fitters!

Today is the start of a new year full of promises. I started my year ofwell by getting at least six hours of sleep I plan to do that from now on. Sleeping well is necessary to your helalth and well beiging, it is also good to help you keep these extra pounds off. Additionally I find when I don’t get enough sleep I’m not i the best mood I could possibly be in, World Fitters sleep well. This is just day one we have 364 days left.

Sometimes day one could be your last, make it count, live like tomorrow isn’t promise. No tomorrow is never promised keep that in mind each morning you are able to wake up. Be thankful because so many others didn’t get to wake up this morning. I didn’t always feel that way. As a matter, of fact, there were some days I didn’t want to wake up. Life is never easy, nor is it everlasting. Make sure you do your very best each day. Live the life that you want because you are worth it. I love you World Fitters have a blessed day!


Shall we begin?

Hello world fitters. Before we begin our beautiful weight loss/ weight acceptance journey. I want you to first love your body as it is now. That’s right step in front of the mirror. Take of your clothes. That’s right strip until you are only in your bras and panties. Do you love what you see? I ask you to do this now because self acceptance doesn’t come with weight loss. Plastic surgery wont help you to love yourself. In order for you to be successful at anything you have to first love yourself. You have to know your worth it. This website is about losing the weight for yourself because your worth it!

In this website I will be providing you with information that I learn about losing weight. I too am on a weight loss journey. So I will share my progress as well as my failures for you can learn from my mistakes. As I mentioned before I’m not here to tell you how to live your life and what your body should look like. At the end of the day it is your body your life. With that said below is two diagrams of weight to height ratio charts. This gives you an idea of how much you should weight.

The charts above are design to give you an idea of what you should weight in order to be healthy. I myself don’t get on the scale. I find it to be frustrating and depressing. For instance after you have had a really good workout. Then you look at the scale and realize you had not loss any weight. You get discouraged. The best way to see weight loss is by seeing how your clothes fit you. As you lose weight your clothes fit you loosely. I don’t know about you but I get very excited about my big clothes not fitting me. I get even more excited about showing off a slimmer waist as pictured below.


 Luckily for you I have a good plan on how to lose your stomach. On this website I will give you good tips on how to lose the weight. I will provide you with different tasks to do in order to lose weight and to be healthy. So here goes my first task for you to complete. Take a picture of yourself before the weight loss. Get a pen put behind the picture “Before” and store it privately. Task number two is to keep a journal about your weight loss. On the journal you will record: What your eating? What exercise your doing? Also document how your feeling? I find it to be very therapeutic. You can keep the journal private or you can make a public blog about it and get paid.  For instance here are my blogs http://franslife82online.blogspot.com/. I think it can be good to share your blog publicly. For example, you can get feedback that can help you in the long run. Furthermore looking at other peoples weight loss journey can help you feel not alone. It’s always good to get support. Likewise I want to support you as well. Bellow I have listed Items you will need in order to be successful.

I also prepared a list of Items you will need for your weight loss journey:

1. Small weights.

2. Towels.

3. A camera.

4. A regular note book.

5. Sneakers

6. A floor pad.

AL righty Lets Go! Your weight loss journey have officially started! Good Luck!