Their Untimely Death Our Beginning The Finale

Good Day World Fitters!

How is your day going? My day is going great I feel positive.  My weight have been coming off slowly but surely. Weight loss is never easy and rarely does it last without continual hard work. The price for continuingly gaining weight is death. Someone’s death is always someone else’s beginning.

Every second someone has lost their life and someone else is born to take their place. Who took the place of Dominique Lanoise, Sharon Mevsimler, and Manuel Uribe? I believe we all took their place and we have the choice on how their story will impact our life. I brought you their story so you can begin your life. A life of  unconditional love of your body.  A life of self confidence that is so loud that it drowns out all the negative people out there.

We all make this world what it is, let’s work together! We replace each other everyday, who will replace you?

I’ve come to realize that self confidence is key in living your life to its fullest. When you are so overweight that you can no longer get out of bed you are no longer living and you are cutting down your life with every bad decision you make. It most certainly wasn’t my intention to place any judgement, nobody is perfect and we all have our problems. These articles were created for these perfectly imperfect souls could tell their story. We all want an opportunity to share our story.

When I put on the weight all I wanted was a chance to tell my story. People were making incorrect assumptions about me and I wanted it to stop, I wanted to tell my story. In “Their Untimely Death Our Beginning”  Dominique Lanoise, Sharon Mevsimler, and Manuel Uribe you get to hear about their story and see how their food addiction inevitably lead to their death.

I sincerely hope this article have inspired you to begin your life of unconditional love for yourself. We all are beautiful and we’re given a chance to make our mark on this world. You are not what society would call beautiful or skinny and that is just fine. You are perfectly imperfect and I love you just the same. Have a blessed day thank you for joining me here see you next time World Fitters, bye.

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