Relationships And Your Weight

Hello world fitters! Franchy here! Today I want to talk about relationship and your weight. Are you currently in a fulfilling relationship? I’m, I’ve been in my current relationship with my boyfriend Jeffrey Skeete for 6 years. That by far is my longest relationship ever!

Just because you are not fat you can still have relationship problems. Conversely you can be fat and be in a long fulfilling relationship. The bottom line is everyone wants to be love. I truly believe there is someone for everybody. You just have to keep looking for your prince charming. Before I met my prince charming, I kissed a lot of frogs hoping they would turn to my prince charming. Needless to say kissing all those frogs left me with a bad taste in my mouth, yuck!

Hey you can’t play the game of love without getting a little dirty. Add being fat to the mix the game of love just got a lot more interesting. I do realize getting dates when you are fat can be very difficult. As a result many women settle because they don’t think they deserve better. World fitters don’t settle you deserve the best!

I’ve heard many stories from women who didn’t believe they deserve the best. The guys cheated and beat them, they still stayed in the dysfunctional relationship. To me that is just sad. You are beautiful. Anyone who makes you feel other wise don’t deserve your love. If you need help in the love department checkout my Frantastic list below.

My Frantastic Dating And Relationship Hacks:

  • Know yourself and love yourself- Knowing yourself worth can really come in handy when you are trying to attract the opposite sex. Knowing you deserve the best can help you achieve the most fulfilling relationship that will last for a life time. When are you ready for a long lasting relationship? You are truly ready if you adore yourself. Are you ready for love?
  • Confident  Fantastic You- Being confident in yourself is key when it comes to establishing a long lasting relationship. “If you don’t have confidence in yourself no one will” is a very true statement. No one will ever know you the way you know yourself. After all you know yourself inside out. Additionally you know your deepest desires, your hopes and dreams.
  • I’m ready for my close up- Man by all purposes are visual creatures. They like girls that look good. You don’t have to be thin to look good. As a matter of fact I know plenty of good looking women who are not exactly thin. Which is just fine. After all not all man prefer skinny females. Do the best with what you are born with. For instance wear clothes that compliments your body type and, fix your hair in a way that says you took a lot of time to create that look. Then finish up with flawless make up that just screams hot. Voila your ready to steal a guys heart away!
  • Body perfection- Ah don’t we all wish we had the perfect body, the perfect coca cola bottle shape? Yes I do but that is just unrealistic. I truly believe there is no such thing as the perfect body. We all have our own unique  body shape which is just fine. Beautiful women comes in all forms not just one. You are only provided with one body. That you must take care of to the best of your ability. Take care of yourself by watching what you eat. Don’t go all crazy and remove food completely out of your life. That will slow down your metabolism a lot. Further-more you can also exercise on a regular basis to help you maintain a healthy weight. Moreover I would suggest you get a doctors opinion on what is best to help you lose the weight? Whatever you do stay away from negative people and their opinion about your weight. Concentrate on doing what is best for your body.
    • Just pop the question- If after you’ve done everything to get his attention and he still hasn’t asked you out. There’s no harm in asking him out. Some  men likes to be asked too. If he say no I know it will hurt and be a bit embarrassing. Just move on! There are plenty of guys out there worthy of your love. Just wait patiently for Mr Right. Good luck on finding love.

I hope you find my relationship hacks helpful and you are able to find love. Relationships are hard for everyone it doesn’t matter what your size is.  Stop thinking that your size is preventing you from finding love. When I was skinny I always had problems in keeping relationships. I had problems finding love because of my low self view. My advice is love yourself get confident and be with the guy of your dreams. Love is multifaceted and yes it is for you. Go out there let love live.  Best of luck! Have a great weekend world fitters! Bye! Bye! Love you!

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Reflection Of You Now (World Fitters)

reflection 2

Hello World Fitters! How was your previous weekend? Did I miss anything? Where are you now in your life? My weekend was great! I got much needed rest. Yes I had some fun! As for where I’m now in my life? I’m currently reflecting on my life. Is my life  where it needs to be?  So far my life is somewhat where it needs to be. I’m happy about that. What about you? Leave your replies in the comment section below.

reflection 3

As you guys know I was not here last Friday. I was on a short break. We all need to take breaks here and there to re-energize ourselves from time to time.  As I said before it’s okay to not exercise for two days or maybe even three days. Just don’t over do it and take a week off. For instance I’m taking it easy with the exercising for now, as I’m not feeling well.

Another great reason to take a break is to reflect on your life. Reflecting on your life can help you figure out what caused the weight gain in the first place. While figuring out the cause of your weight gaining ask yourself theses questions.

Question your weight, Reflect

  1. Why do you eat?
  2. Are you really hungry right now or just bored?
  3. What is your mood for eating?
  4. Why do you think your fat?
  5. What is your weight gaining hack?
  6. Do you love yourself?
  7. How can I help you get the body you deserve?

My Frantastic Answers

  1. I eat mostly when I’m hungry. When I’m full I stop eating. Although sometimes when I see people eating delicious foods I do get tempted to  eat more. However I  Often  resist the food temptations.

My special note- Often what causes weight gain is eating for other reasons then being hungry. For instance eating a whole lot of food after a bad break up. My advice is only eat when you’re hungry.

2. Yes I’m really hungry I’m not bored.

My special note- I’ve heard of many people eating because they are bored. There are many opportunities to be bored in life, which can mean  a lot of weight gaining. Instead of eating junk food why not tread it for a healthy snack like an apple. More over get active and find something to do.

3. I don’t really have a mood for eating. I just eat when I’m hungry.

My special note- Unlike me many people are mood eaters. You can easily tell their mood base on how much their eating. For instance may people eat when they are sad and depress. Stop mood eating and let your stomach tell you when to eat.

4. I don’t think I’m fat. I just want to get in better ship. However I believe what causes me to be out of ship is listening to other peoples opinion about my weight. I just need to believe in myself.

My special note- I believe the best way to combat weight gain is knowing why you are fat?  That way you can stop the negative processes.

5. I don’t really have a weight gaining hack.

My special note-  While I don’t have any weight gaining hack, I know other people do. Here is my list:

  • Hiding food in your special spot.
  • Late night snacking with your food buddy.
  • Taking your favorite snack with you on the go.
  • Having your emergency stash, not too far away.
  • Having your favorite restaurants on speed dial.
  • Your favorite foods sending you emails.

6. Yes I love myself. If you ask me that a couple of years back my answer would’ve been no. I’ve noticed the negative effects of not loving yourself. For instance I would just be in a lot of unhealthy relationships and be not taking care of myself. Which is why I’ve grown to love the awkward me. Love yourself World Fitters!

My special note- Not loving yourself can prevent you from getting the body you deserve.  Hating your body can only hurt you in the long run.  Love yourself every single inch of you. I love you so stop it!

7. I can help you get the body you deserve by telling you my story. My story is your story. After all  everyone struggles with their weight at one point or another. I’ll give you the best advice that I can.  So you can have the body you deserve.

My special note- Please let me know how I can help you. I’m truly here for you. You are not a lone World Fitters! Comment below and get the help you deserve.

My Final Time To Reflect

You deserve the best world fitters! This blog is truly made with care. A lot of thought went into this blog. I’m truly sincere in wanting to help  you. Get to know me Google Francesca Etheart. I look forward to helping you in the coming years. Have a blessed weekend. See you again next Friday. Bye! Bye! World Fitters! Love you!

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I’m Taking a Break World Fitters!

Rose Reflection | by maf04

Hello World Fitters! I’m taking a much needed brake. I’m a bit fatigue and I need to refresh my batteries. Don’t worry I’ll be back next Friday with a mind blowing post just for you!

I’m sorry leaving you high and dry but this needs to be done. You can always check out my other posts to keep you company while I’m gone.

I’ll be gone for the rest of the week. I’m officially back on Monday. So next Friday expect to see a new article.

Thank you for your patience,

Love Francesca

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Read Through My Heart

Sweet girl reading.
Sweet girl reading.

self image

Hola World Fitters! I’m currently at work writing next weeks blog. This blog is going to be about good books to read to help you lose weight. As most writers understand reading is a life skill that can be perfected with each written word.

As a writer reading is part of my life. As a matter of fact reading and writing goes hand in hand. For instance I’m constantly rereading my articles to make sure they are as close to perfection as possible. Additionally I’m currently reading around  the web for the  latest news for you guys! Reading is part of our daily life. For instance how are you enjoying reading this article? I hope you are enjoying yourself. Other then reading being enjoyable, reading is also indescribably relaxing and awakens your imagination. Don’t believe me? Come on give it a try. Head over to your nearest book store.

With today’s technology bookstores are closing down. Book tablets like amazons kindle are very popular. Now instead of carrying one book with you, you can carry 20. With that amount of selection there is so much to pick and choose from. Wow readers are in book heaven! With Christmas past and gone and the new years in full swing, a book to help you regain control of your life would be a great post holiday gift. Amazon sells a lot of great books. Amazon kindle also has a ton of self help books.

In today’s world in order to be successful we have to understand ourselves. If we need help with something we have to willing to ask for help. We can’t wait for others to help us. We have to help ourselves. Which is why self help books are very popular.

World Fitters I personally did research on self help books to help you lose weight. A lot  of them basically sing the same tune. That being fat is bad. You should lose weight to fit into today’s ideal beauty. You know isn’t down with that. So as I read I was thinking blah blah blah.

I’m tired of the negativity towards fat people. When I gain the weight, all I kept hearing is how much better I looked when I was thin. Everyone just kept saying the same thing. Needless to say I was highly irritated with hearing the same thing over and over again.

Similarly I’m tired of books saying the same thing. As a writer you know you have to be creative, create your own style. All these books seem like they were written by the same person.

Is there a cult where everyone meets  to fat shame people? Please let me know! Yes when it comes to weight loss I do get a bit emotional. It’s because all I’ve been through with my own weight. So don’t tell me to calm down  and say nothing to the person who is fat shaming.

The bottom line is fat shaming is wrong. Don’t let anyone’s opinion shape the way you feel about yourself. Lose the weight because you love yourself and because you’re worth it. Speaking of the words worth it.

Books close to my heart

The only book I thought that was worth mentioning is

“Weight Loss Motivation: This is Not Another Book About Losing Weight. How to Start and Stick to Your Fitness Program or Routine Without Giving Up Ever!”

by Katherine Tomlinson

I really feel that Katherine Tomlinson book is a good read. The book “Weight Loss Motivation…….”  gives a unique view on the struggles we all face while trying to lose weight.

The only frantastic wise statement I want to make is that don’t lose your self through your weight loss. Always stay true to yourself World Fitters! I really hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. I sincerely hope that the book I suggested help you in your life. Be good to yourself World Fitters. See you next time. Have the most awesome weekend. Bye! Bye! Love you!

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New You World Fitters (2016)

My Special Message To You.

Hello World Fitters! Happy New Year! I’m very fortunate to have made it to another year. Some have not. For example, Natalie Cole has died yesterday on New Years Eve. My condolences goes out to her family. May she rest in peace along side her father.

In remembrance of her life.
In remembrance of her life.

Natalie Coles death came as a surprise to me this afternoon. I was not expecting that as I browse my twitter page. Nevertheless “Rev Jesse Jackson Sr tweeted about her untimely death.” When is the right time to die? There is no right time to die. Death comes swiftly!

Promise me your live your life.

Life is short World Fitters! Make sure you are living your dreams every day and night. The time to love your body is now! Don’t wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow is never promise. “Tomorrow may never come.”

World Fitters your tomorrow is now! Love yourself now! I hope has been a good influence in your life. If I’ve helped one person that truly warms my heart. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for viewing my site. After all there is no me without you!

Our Blog

This website is about you and me! This blog was build to help you get the body you deserve.  In the year 2016 will continue to do just that. More posts! More helpful information to help you stay in the know! I know I can help you get the body you deserve! Join me !

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Thank you WordPress for these Frantasic Stats. 

My Last But Not Least Message To You.

If you still need to get some gifts for after the Holidays Check This Out! I know I do. My sitter Rose birthday is January 5, 2016.  What about you is your birthday coming soon? If it is I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

On that note I just wanted to Thank You again for joining me here. I really appreciate it. Happy New Year! Hope this New Year is great for you! See you next Friday World Fitters. Bye! Bye! Love you!

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